What you will read below is not a summary of our year (or not only that). This is a thank you to all of you for this 2023 in which you have accompanied us in one way or another. Here are our milestones for the year just ended.

Some people think that in order to gain the necessary momentum to move towards the new year’s resolutions, it is necessary to look back and savor what has been achieved during the year that has just ended. Others believe that paying homage to what has been achieved is necessary for its own sake, regardless of what comes next. In considering this content, at MailComms Group we realized that we draw from both attitudes towards life. So we present you with something that is more than a year-end review. And we do so out of gratitude (we have done what we have done in large part thanks to the collaboration with each other). and from conviction: If 2023 has brought us everything you are about to read, and more, 2024 may bring us many more things. And we’ll tell you about them, of course.

And now, what has 2023 been for MailComms Group? We summarize it with a series of milestones.

Acquisition of Contisystems

In the middle of the year
we announced that we had acquired Contisystems.
This Portuguese company is a market leader in its market in physical and digital communications, as well as in the area of means of payment. The incorporation of the company into our group is a key milestone in our internationalization strategy, which, among other things, led us to enter the Portuguese market in 2021. With Contisystems we amplify our activity in the neighboring country and we make a very relevant leap in our commercial and production capacities in the peninsula (the latter are doubled). We have thus become the main provider of communication services in the Iberian Peninsula, both in print and digital media.

Launching of certified notifications via Whatsapp

Those of you who know us know that we have a soft spot for legal compliance, legal communications and user experience. And all of this, in a perfect blend, is what we offer this year with our service of certified notifications by Whatsapp. Thanks to this solution, companies and customers will be able to close contracts with full legal value and aspects such as electronic signature or RPGD consent, without leaving a conversation in the most used instant messaging app. Its possibilities are enormous, as is our enthusiasm to put it into operation.

Entering CIMA with CertySign

“130 Spanish insurance companies will be able to sign electronically with CertySign through CIMA”. This is the headline of the news item in which we explain that TIREA (Tecnologías de la Información y Redes para las Entidades Aseguradoras) had approved us as an electronic signature provider for its CIMA platform, which is used daily by 130 entities in the Spanish insurance sector. Now, when any of these organizations launch a process that requires an electronic signature for its completion, they will be able to choose us from the list of suppliers. This makes it much easier for these companies to access our technological, legal, secure and seamless value proposition.

Presentation of our Sustainability Plan

We started this post talking about the past (looking back) and the future (resolutions for the new year). Our Sustainability Plan is just that, applied to the planet and society. In 2023 we presented our guidance document that includes what we are already doing to protect the planet (measure, analyze, act…) and what we are going to do. In terms of sustainability, we have two clear maxims: there is only room for improvement to go further, and we will only succeed if we all go hand in hand. That’s why we emphasize something that’s true:
our sustainability plan goes very well with yours.

We are part of ISMS Forum

For MailComms Group, being at ISMS Forum was a natural, but not uncelebrated event.
Our inclusion in the association specializing in information security and privacy was one of the most satisfying
was one of the most satisfying moments of the year. This means actively participating in an ecosystem of 250 companies and 1,250 professionals specialized in the field. In other words, it is the perfect place to learn and share our experiences and best practices.

Seal of Sustainable Cybersecurity

Months after joining ISMS Forum
we obtained the Sustainable Cybersecurity seal of approval
offered by the association together with INCIBE. This seal recognizes the entities that display it as members of the Pact for Sustainable Cybersecurity. It is an alliance by which its members commit to work for information security and environmental protection, in an integrated and collaborative manner. As we said in the news item in which we announced it: pure SDG 17.

Visit of the Japan Business Forms Association (JBFA)

A delegation from the Japan Business Forms Association (JBFA) visited us in February. As in the case of Contisystems, we welcomed the representatives of the association with great enthusiasm. It was a long-awaited meeting, born out of the personal initiative of Keiji Kotani, CEO of Iseto Co., Ltd. and president of JBFA, and Javier Echeberría, CEO of the MailComms group, and also affected by the restrictions and uncertainty caused by Covid-19. Incidentally, eForma, the international industry alliance, played an important role in coordinating the meeting. Our Japanese colleagues were particularly interested in our role in the digital transition of our customers during the pandemic.

Insurance Sector Events

This year we have participated, in different roles, in the following specialized events in the insurance sector: Insurance Week, ICEA Insurance Marketing Congress, Insurance Revolution.

Other Events, Tourism | Utilities | Financial

We have also taken part in various functions in different events such as:
ITH Innovation Summit
Future Utility,

National Credit Congress

Christmas Campaign with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation

A summary of the highlights of our year would not be complete if we did not talk about our Christmas campaign.
our Christmas campaign,
campaign, which this year will be carried out in collaboration with our customers (as always) and with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. The result will be a contribution to the construction of the Dornala center in India. This is an inclusive school for mentally handicapped children in residential care.

It is clear to us that a year-end summary like this one would not be possible without all of you (employees, customers, suppliers and friends). Thank you very much for the time we have spent together in congresses, visits, common projects and other moments. And, above all, thank you all for being there again in 2024, as we are sure you will be. We continue to grow!