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Streamline the identification process of your customers in a secure way.

DNI Wallet is a secure and reliable digital identification and authentication solution. This app, intuitive and easy to use, incorporates the person’s DNI in his or her cell phone to use it with the same advantages as an electronic DNI in front of private companies and public administrations, with guarantee, legal reliability and in a few seconds. In addition, it works in wallet mode , allowing the user to take advantage of its robust security to store other documents such as NIE, passport, Social Security card, driver’s license and loyalty cards, among others.

For the user, DNI Wallet generates a digital copy of the DNI in the secure enclave of the cell phone in a simple way (through NFC technology), protected by biometrics and all the security measures of the cell phone. For your company, this solution guarantees that your customers or users are who they say they are, through the shared information and a series of additional checks that can even detect possible manipulations.


  • It offers improved security guarantees through multiple validations and direct connection with the FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre).

  • It allows several processes: identification and verification through electronic ID, signature of documents through ID certificates or third party certificates, accessing or operating with web applications in a secure and direct way, sending secure photocopies of the identity document.

  • It is integrated into the business processes of companies as a tool for identification and verification of access to your digital platforms.

  • Participate in customized processes of certified communication, or other types of transactions tailored to the needs of each company, created through CertySign, our platform for electronic signature and certified communications.

  • Invite your customers to use DNI Wallet: QR Code for invitation to download and use in a cell phone.

  • It can incorporate possibilities of certification and custody of evidence of transactions carried out thanks to this method of identification.

Benefits of DNI Wallet

Avoid fraud related to identity theft.

Improve your customers’ experience.

Facilitates access to your digital business platforms.

Improved security: prevents unwanted access to physical and digital infrastructures.

It makes it easy to contract new products and services, request support, and access facilities and events.

It speeds up identification processes launched by companies such as, for example, hotel check-in or access to a restricted area.

How DNI Wallet works

The user downloads the app to the cell phone.

Upload your official identification documents to your cell phone. It is an easy, secure and fast process through NFC technology.

The application validates the document optically and electronically.

The application connects in real time with the FNMT to check the status of the digital certificates associated with the DNI and the existence of possible reports of loss or theft.

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