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From fun to data capture

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Mobile game marketing: From fun to data capture

Today in marketing, customer data is the most valuable thing. The most effective communications with your customers have a clear starting point, the customer databases that your company manages. The more complete and accurate they are and the richer you keep them, the higher the conversion and the more opportunities to achieve a better ROI. But customers are increasingly reluctant to share their data, either out of fatigue or fear of indiscriminate or improper use.

One of the most effective solutions to overcome these barriers is to use mobile game marketing techniques to engage them. At Customer Comms we design attractive gamification actions that end up capturing the data, especially digital data, that interests you from your customer, who enters it in exchange for his reward or incentive for finishing the game.

This action translates into a customer (or future customer) who trusts a brand with which he has had a good time. This requires attention to details such as design, messaging and the smooth running of the activity in which you have participated.

You are interested if you are looking for:

  • Obtain the data, validate it and accompany it with the consent of your customers or prospects in a single action.
  • Enrich or update your databases.
  • Enhance digital transformation by transforming offline communications into digital.
  • Increase customer loyalty or retention levels.

Benefits of mobile marketing:

Data capture and validation

Data capture and validation (in the same action), in full compliance with the RGPD.

Opening of a digital communication channel with customers

Opening of a digital channel of communication with customers: higher frequency at lower costs.

Attractive customer experience

Attractive customer experience (in line with CX) in exchange for data.

Increased customer loyalty and retention levels

Higher levels of customer loyalty and retention (in combination with gamification actions, incentives and promotions).

Improved traceability and analytics of each action

Improved traceability and analytics of each action.

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