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Certified electronic identification systems

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Sistemas de identificación electrónica certificada

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Secure identification of the individual contracting remotely is one of the most effective ways to minimize the risk of fraud in digital transactions.

This ability to verify unequivocally, reliably and remotely that the person contracting a product or service and accessing your systems is who they say they are, provides added security to transactions and acts as a barrier against fraud.

Both in theonboarding phase and in the user’s subsequent access to the contracted service, identity verification and authentication solutions must be robust and reliable to ensure the security of all parties involved.

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Benefits of using our electronic identification systems

Reliable identification

Reliable identification of customers and users in real time for onboarding processes or subsequent access to private areas.

Customer experience

Optimized customer experience with guidance to streamline onboarding processes and reduce abandonment rates.

Electronic identification solutions

Solutions for electronic identification with legal guarantees that minimize the risk of fraud due to identity theft, account theft or issuance of criminal transactions.

Multifactor authentication processes

Possibility of developing multifactor authentication processes to maximize security in certified digital identification systems.

Security levels

Solutions with security levels suitable for high-trust environments such as private banking areas or organizations with highly sensitive data.

Cost reduction

Streamlining processes for contracting new products and services and reducing costs related to penalties and fraudulent transactions.

Our services are essential and must be adapted to the nature of each business, service, type of transaction or general or specific legislation. At the same time, they must be integrated into an attractive user experience and, above all, not become an obstacle for users. Because of our technological, regulatory and multi-sectorial experience, we can offer you customized solutions to incorporate the most suitable option for each process.

Electronic identification and authentication in onboarding and onboarding processes.
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Certified digital identification service



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