Certified SMS

Certified electronic notification via SMS, with probative value.

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Send certified SMS in an effective, fast and reliable way.

With our solution you will be able to send certified notifications via SMS to the cell phone of your customers, suppliers or employees, enjoying the advantages in terms of time and cost reduction offered by digital channels.

This is an ideal option for sending immediate notifications certifying both the process and the content, among other aspects, with a high level of legal reliability.

To increase delivery rates, we combine different channels in our multichannel communication processes. In this way, if the user does not read the SMS, we can complement it with our service of
certified email
online burofax.

With the legal guarantee of a qualified service provider you can trust.

Our SMS service offers an alternative channel for sending reliable communications with evidentiary value: this solution benefits from our recognition as a qualified provider of electronic trust services in the form of certified electronic delivery, according to eIDAS.

Customer Comms Certified SMS Features

Simple integration.

With the company’s systems: ERP, CRM, ECM…

Possibility of multi-channel delivery.

Can be automatically combined with certified email or online bureaufax.


Certification of message delivery.

With full traceability on date and time of receipt.

Opening accreditation.

We certify that the links included in the SMS have been opened and viewed.

Safe custody of evidence.

Depending on the needs of each client or as established by law.

Benefits of Customer Comms Certified SMS

  • Full legal validity.
  • High delivery levels.
  • Simplified preparation and distribution.
  • Reduction of paper and carbon footprint.
  • It has a native Salesforce connector.

You are interested in our BUROFAX Online IF…

  • You make payment requests.
  • You communicate rate changes.
  • You manage service cancellations or contract terminations.
  • You need to send legal notices and ensure their receipt and deadlines.
  • Communicates power outage warnings.
  • You make reliable debt claims.
  • You respond to customer complaints.
  • Human Resources makes reliable notifications to employees.

Benefits of Customer Comms Certified SMS

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

Full legal validity.

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

High delivery levels.

Simplified preparation and distribution.

Maximum legal validity.

Environmental protection: reduction of paper use and carbon footprint.

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

Certification in “digital notary” mode as trusted electronic service providers.


Do you want to switch to certified electronic notifications, via SMS, with full probative value?

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