RGPD software for multichannel consent management

RGPD - Gestión de consentimientos

Protect your business and the rights of your customers and employees

Since 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the processing of personal data of natural persons. Its main mandate is clear: your company must reliably demonstrate explicit and unequivocal consent for the processing of your customers’ data and, therefore, for you to communicate with them. Moreover, this consent is multiple.

All this involves a complex management that the MailComms group can facilitate for you. Our GDPR consent management solution will allow you to comprehensively manage consent throughout the customer lifecycle.

Specifications of consent, according to the RGPD

It must be express, freely granted and demonstrably obtained.

The user must grant one for each purpose with the possibility of revocation.

The controller must be able to prove, at all times, that it has obtained consent in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

Your request must be made in clear, simple and easily understandable language.

Each consent has a life cycle that needs to be managed.

With the legal guarantee of a qualified service provider you can trust.

Our RGPD software benefits from our accreditation as a qualified provider of trusted electronic services by the Ministry for Digital Transformation and the Civil Service. This provides a high probative value even in the event of litigation to the evidence that the system collects throughout the process.

In addition, Customer Comms technology will offer you full traceability, compliance assurance, penalty protection, quality service and simplified operations in a single system, developed in collaboration with ECIX Tech.

Case of success in consent management RGPD

Discover how a leading telecommunications company increased its success rate in obtaining GDPR consents by 27%. This leap in effectiveness was made possible by CertySign and its combination of SMS and email.

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  • Centralized consent management: dynamic multichannel forms, integration via script or API and 24×7 cloud management.

  • Obtaining reactive consent at all customer contact points.

  • Proactive collection through campaigns or import of historical consents.

  • Multi-channel procurement (web, e-mail, sms, WhatsApp and postal), where the user chooses what to accept, reject or modify.

  • Management of consents throughout their life cycle: obtaining, modifications and revocation.

  • Legal certainty and evidence gathering: traceable and certifiable process. Custody of evidentiary evidence on GDPR matters.


Improve your compliance achievement rates through proactive and reactive multi-channeling.

Reduce risks in communications with the consent hub: whitelist and Robinson list management.

Avoid heavy penalties from the AEPD and European bodies for non-compliance with RGPD.

I save costs and time with a process that also offers optimized UX.

Replace your paper communications with digital ones with your customer’s consent.

You are interested if you are looking for…

  • An outsourcing of the process of obtaining and managing consents.
  • Comply with guarantees with the European regulation RGPD.
  • Replace your paper communications with digital ones with your customer’s consent.

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