Online burofax

Easy, fast and legally valid postal communication, combined with our certified email and sms.


Certified postal notifications with evidence of mailing,
delivery and content

The online bureaufax for companies is the most reliable way to send notifications from the computer with postal reception, without the need to touch a piece of paper.

This legally binding communication includes the collection of evidence of shipment, delivery and content, and you can track production, distribution and delivery, resulting in considerable cost savings.

You will also be able to send
certified notifications by email
and even combine them with the
SMS channel
in case you do not receive an answer. In other words, you will be able to choose the channel for sending your reliable communication according to its effectiveness and your objectives.

Postal Burofax

With the legal guarantee of a qualified service provider you can trust.

The sending of online bureaufaxes and their delivery by post has evidentiary value in the courts, endorsed by Law 39/2015 (art. 42.2) of the Public Administrations and Law 43/2010 of the Universal Postal Service (art. 22.4). Your certificate of delivery is not challenged as evidence of reliable communication.

In addition, Correos is our partner in delivery management. This adds legal reinforcement due to its recognition as a universal postal operator, since it reaches the entire national and international territory with guarantees.

Successful case in credible claims

Thanks to the use of MailComms online Burofax, distributed by Correos, we increased by 35% the success rate in the delivery of reliable debt claims from a financial services company.

With our online Burofax, we can increase the success rate in the delivery of your reliable claims. How do we do it?

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Features of BUROFAX Online

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

Online management.

Full shipment traceability and content certification, as well as proof of delivery and certificates.

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

Different benefits.

Depending on the client’s needs, we have different types: advanced, premium, securitized and international.

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

Highest percentage of delivery.

Thanks to proactive management, shipment tracking and free reshipments in case of trace loss.

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

Custody of evidence and documents.

We store evidence with the highest security standards for as long as the client requires or as required by law.

Maximum security and privacy of information.

Thanks to our ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications, with the guarantee of a qualified and trusted eIDAS e-services provider.

Postal Burofax - CustomerComms

Maximum validity in legal proceedings.

Law 39/2015 (art. 42.2) on Public Administrations and Law 43/2010 on Universal Postal Service (art. 22.4).

You are interested in our BUROFAX Online IF…

  • You make payment requests.
  • You communicate rate changes.
  • You manage service cancellations or contract terminations.
  • You need to send legal notices and ensure their receipt and deadlines.
  • Communicates power outage warnings.
  • You make reliable debt claims.
  • You respond to customer complaints.
  • Human Resources makes reliable notifications to employees.

1. Receipt of information.
PostaMail and Certysign platforms.
API Rest integration.
Connectors such as Salesforce.

2. Printing and enveloping.
In mechanized processes at Mailteck and CustomerComms facilities, with maximum security guarantees.

3. Distribution with couriers.
First delivery attempt between 24 hours and 72 hours depending on the product category.

4. Double delivery attempt to addressee.
Two delivery attempts are made to the addressee. If this is not possible, the letter carrier will leave a “notice of arrival” after which the communication will be available for 15 calendar days at the corresponding post office.

5. Delivery at the indicated address.
Identification of the recipient by means of ID card, handwritten signature on the letter carrier’s PDA and electronic proof of delivery from Correos.

6. Failure to deliver.
If the recipient does not pick up the shipment, it is returned to Mailteck & CustomerComms for controlled destruction.

How does our online bureaufax service work?

At MailTecK & CustomerComms we take care of receiving your notification, printing it and enveloping it in an environment of security and data privacy reinforced by our ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications. We also manage the delivery to the addressee through Correos, with two delivery attempts before its return. All this provides the maximum legal guarantee.

With our online Burofax, your company obtains greater security and delivery ratio and also saves time and costs.

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