Virtual Signature Room

Advise your clients in signing complex agreements through a secure guided videoconferencing session.

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The use of digital channels for remote signing is now commonplace. Signing a contract, an agreement, or making an acceptance digitally is part of everyday life for businesses and consumers.

But when it comes to important, complex, or high-value agreements, live personal advice during the signing process is necessary because, apart from clarifying any doubts that may arise at the same time, we generate trust.

Our Virtual Signature Room is an innovative solution that offers a hybrid “person-digital” meeting for contracting processes in which signatories need advice before proceeding to sign.

Videoconferencing with recording option

Digital identity verification and authentication

Joint navigation and guided process

Electronic signature

  • This platform represents a new concept of interactive experience for your customers: a secure videoconferencing session, guided live by representatives of your company and with integration of contractual documents that can be signed with all the guarantees required by regulations. The recreated power of a face-to-face meeting and optimized digital customer engagement translates into high completion rates with an excellent experience for your customers.
  • It is especially suitable for the signing of agreements where personalized advice, or the intervention of third parties, is necessary or advisable before final acceptance (purchase and sale of homes or other types of property, mortgage loans, signing of agreements with the intermediation of lawyers or notaries, signing of complex insurance policies…).

Enjoy all the benefits offered by our Virtual Signature Room solution

Everything you need technologically in a single environment: avoid risks and security breaches in a secure and private environment.

High conversion rates to signature thanks to a digital, personalized and guided experience.

Agility, speed and security to sign agreements from multiple locations.

Strong electronic evidence with audit trails and the possibility to record the session on video.

Personalization with the look & feel of your company: generates trust and brand strengthening.

The convenience and cost savings of having a single-source solution.

You are interested if you are looking for…

  • Offer remote legal services, with document sharing and evidence gathering.
  • Provide your digital business with the main advantages of face-to-face activities through virtual sessions.
  • Offer mixed experiences when the live presence of a representative of your company can be the key to close the transaction: account opening, wealth management, negotiation of high-value insurance policies, asset financing…
  • Hold hybrid and customized meetings between your sales agents and your customers, in multiple locations.
  • To allow call center agents to advise customers in a close way, through a video call in real time. Especially recommended in complex signature processes that require advice.

Discover how our Virtual Signature Room works in 5 steps

Virtual Signature Room Solution from our partner OneSpan Sign

In this video you will see how OneSpan Sign’s Virtual Signature Room combines the value of face-to-face meetings, including live intervention by a representative of the parties, with the agility of signing from multiple locations. All this, in a secure session that incorporates identity verification systems and an electronic signature application.



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