Data Quality

Success begins with data quality

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Data Quality

Data as the beginning of digital transformation

The quality of your database determines the success of your customer experience.

The concept is present in all phases of the customer life cycle. From recruiting to service delivery, retention, retention, service delivery and up selling y cross selling and the design of a successful customer experience, standardized data recording is the basis for accurate analysis. Without them, a personalized relationship with your customer is impossible. And this is the beginning to achieve a real digital transformation.

Benefits of Data Quality


Sanitize your already elaborated databases.


Normalizes and verifies the postal data, email and cell phone.


Create rules to capture new customer data, with a focus on future business improvement actions.


Launches massive processes to standardize and enrich records.


Obtains new data in combination with other Customer Comms tools.


Optimize your records for analysis.


Increases the profitability of communications.

Legal value

Complies with regulatory obligations.

Data Quality

Services included

Normalize and optimize your databases, correct errors, combine and analyze your data for a better performance of all departments of your company. Save time, analyze and monetize your information.

Data Cleansing

Sanitize and clean your data. Normalizes the records and their fields. Eliminates duplicates.

Data Plus

Enrich your databases with cross-referenced information from qualified external sources such as the INE, the Cadastre, georeferencing, cookies or social networks.

Data Law

Guarantee of regulatory compliance. LOPD-RGPD, LSSI and Robinson lists.


Find out how other companies improved their data and increased their profitability.

Customer Comms

Data quality improvement for the application of Geomarketing techniques.

The client needs to promote its new products to both existing and potential customers by sending personalized and individualized mailings.
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