Personalized and omnichannel customer experiences


Management of omnichannel communication with customers from a single platform.

A unified and engaging experience is key to the success of your omnichannel communications. Customer experience management through the tools offered by Quadient, our partner in CCM technology, allows you to manage personalized omnichannel communications with customers, employees and suppliers, in an agile and efficient way.

Quadient allows you to go one step further in creating, managing, sending, delivering and storing automated and personalized communications, through the choice of both the channel and the device on which they are received. It also provides your organization with high CX optimization capabilities, with the integration of data analysis in customer journeys, thanks to an effective Customer Journey Mapping management.

All in all, it is the evolution in the digitization of your customer communications.

All from a single, high-performance SaaS(Software as a Service) platform, which offers the possibility of developing processes completely in the cloud.

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Quadient Suite is of interest to you if you are looking for…

  • Create and manage personalized omnichannel experiences, physical and digital, with Customer Journey Mapping.
  • Easily generate communications from master templates.
  • Simplify management and communication between departments including the agency and the client.
  • Facilitate interdepartmental and customer management and communication when communicating through the “comments” option.
  • Improve customer databases with complete, accurate and updated information.
  • Follow the communication process and execute optimizations in real time, based on customer behavior.

We help you to design a customer journey mapping that helps you to offer positive experiences to your customer.

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