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Certified Whatsapp

comunicaciones certificadas por whatsapp

Send certified communications by Whatsapp

Our electronic communication and contracting service through Whatsapp offers you a legal and efficient way to interact with customers, suppliers and employees.

Learn about our certified Whatsapp service

Discover the potential of our service, ensuring the validity and security of your electronic communications. Our certification system provides an additional layer of protection, ensuring that every message sent is backed by the necessary legal validity.

Secure electronic communications and contracting via Whatsapp

Our service of communication processes and electronic contracting through WhatsApp allows you to interact with customers, suppliers and employees through the most popular messaging app. And with full legal certainty.

Managed through our application CertySignThis certified communications channel allows your company to take advantage of all the benefits of digital, such as immediacy, cost savings and real-time tracking, and offers you the possibility of combining it with SMS, email and online bureaufax to achieve the highest level of quality. maximum effectiveness in delivery rates.

WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted channel that stores information in Meta’s datacenters in Europe, ensuring compliance with the GDPR. In addition, our evidence collection system complies with ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications and offers the highest levels of information security and privacy. In addition, thanks to our capacity for the management and integration of communication processes, your company will be able to incorporate simple or advanced electronic signatures or solutions for the acceptance of RGPD consents. In this way, WhatsApp becomes a powerful and agile tool for the secure contracting of products and services, with guaranteed legal compliance.

With the legal guarantee offered by a qualified service provider you can trust.

Our accreditation as a qualified provider of trusted electronic services in certified electronic delivery is combined with the security and privacy features of WhatsApp to offer communications with full legal guarantee and probative value in case of litigation.

Features of our certified WhatsApp solution

WhatsApp certified communication options

WhatsApp Business API

Verification mark accounts that prevent company identity theft.

Customized design

Ability to personalize messages, including the use of the company’s logo, always present to provide confidence.


Automated responses to generate interactive conversations.

Different streams in the same conversation and without leaving WhatsApp

Signature processes, obtaining RGPD consents…

Customized level of reliability

Level of legal reliability adjusted to each need, communication or transaction.

Communication options

Communication options

Inclusion of buttons, drop-down lists, validations within the conversation itself and without leaving WhatsApp.

WhatsApp certified - CustomerComms

Evidence and custody

Obtaining and certifying evidence and secure custody.

Benefits of sending certified WhatsApp

  • Agile conversion: from conversations to bookings in record time.
  • Improved user experience in an environment that customers are accustomed to.
  • Acceleration of business processes.
  • Immediacy and possibility of real-time or delayed response.
  • Real-time information for customers and users: high conversion rates towards sustained and fast contracting decisions.

How certified WhatsApp works

WhatsApp certified Customer Comms

1. We analyze your specific business process.

WhatsApp certified Customer Comms

2. We define the degree of reliability you need to obtain.

WhatsApp certified Customer Comms

3. We articulate the necessary technology to:

  • Obtain the required evidence (content, identity verification, GDPR consents, electronic signature, etc.).
  • Send a precise message or have a guided conversation through a professional, a chatbot or other type of actionable (buttons, lists, validators…).
  • Design flows adapted to each possible response.

4. We extract and certify the evidence of each communication / transaction.

5. We keep the evidence in a secure environment for at least 5 years.


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