Document digitization

Documentation management in multichannel communication with customers

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Servicio digitalizacion documental

Digital document management

Digital transformation of documentation.

The management of documentation and communications with customers and suppliers, both on paper and through any digital channel, has become a modern-day challenge. And this challenge, in turn, is one of the most obvious paths to digital transformation for any company.

The services provided by MailTecK&CustomerComms help your company in multichannel document management, obtaining the key metadata associated with the different types of documents, safeguarding both images and data with strict security measures and under the umbrella of ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards. In addition, they allow different departments and users to access contracts, invoices or files online. Even forward them to customers with the possibility of certifying the shipment at the same time.

This service completes the life cycle of your documents with a 360º vision. We are able to generate the documents, distribute them through any channel, receive them and keep them in custody, all with full traceability. The control of all phases and the application of operational analytical intelligence allows us to optimize and automate the document and BackOffice processes that are triggered by customer responses.

Characteristics of the Document Digitization process

  • Indexing: to access the content and search.
  • Digital archive: multiformat digital repository in the cloud.
  • Integration and federation: integration of communications from different providers and federation with existing document repositories via API, webservices and sFTP protocol.
  • User management and authentication: in multi-user SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.
  • Statistics: Documentary control maintained by tracing all documents throughout the process.
  • Access, search and forwarding of documentation through different postal or digital channels.
  • Certified custody and security of information, with legal guarantee: we are a qualified provider of electronic trust services and we are also certified by AENOR in security and privacy of information. Discover all our certifications in our web section.

Benefits of our digitization service

Integration within the multichannel communications management process.

Savings in printing, maintenance and space costs

Facilitates access to and search for information via web browser (SaaS)

Custody of documents in secure repositories

GDPR compliance

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