Response Data Analytics

Full knowledge of your customers and their interactions

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Response Data Analytics

Advanced analytics

Optimize your customer’s experience by analyzing their interactions.

The analysis of responses and interactions is the main pillar of the effectiveness of your actions with customers and prospects. But managing it is a challenge. Nowadays, communications with your users, their interactions and behaviors generate a huge amount of data that must be analyzed in real time in order to react almost immediately.

Customer Comms provides your company with Response Data Analytics, an integrated omnichannel communications and interactions platform, which applies advanced analytics to both the results and response processes of senders. The idea is clear: your company can count on clear and well-supported reports to get to know your customers to the maximum, redirect future campaigns and even modify communications in real time to optimize your results.

You are interested if you are looking for:

  • Solid and understandable reports to improve business processes, influence business decisions or detect new opportunities.
  • Increase the conversion rate.
  • Minimize risks, errors or even fraud.
  • Have real-time access to the results of communications and interactions to vary your campaigns and optimize their results.
  • Understand your customers’ customer journey.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • Predict customer responses to marketing actions.
Informes sólidos y entendibles para mejorar procesos de negocio, influir en decisiones de negocio o detectar nuevas oportunidades.
Elevar la tasa de conversión.
Minimizar riesgos, errores o fraudes.
Disponer en tiempo real de los resultados de las comunicaciones e interacciones para variar tus campañas.
Comprender el customer journey de tus clientes.
Aumentar la fidelización y retención de clientes.
Predecir las respuestas de los clientes ante acciones de Marketing.

Service features

Exploration and analysis

Communications and interaction history.

Advanced analytics

Use of complex business intelligence techniques.

Integration with platforms

Both Customer Comms and third parties.


Complete reports with user-friendly presentation.

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