Once again this year we are donating our Christmas gift budget to a social cause. In this case, and with the collaboration of our customers, we will contribute to the construction of the Dornala center of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. The complex, located in the Srisailam region of India, will be dedicated to providing opportunities, through education and personal development, to 80 children with various types of disabilities.

Christmas is always a special time. At MailComms Group we look at the calendar these days and we also think about it, but for a double reason: one of them encompasses the family aspect, spending time with friends and living the illusion of the little ones. The other is to launch our Christmas campaign, something we have been doing for eight years now.

What is it about? To contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life with our Christmas budget. Every year for the last eight years we have collaborated with an NGO to make this objective a reality and this year, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation will be our partner. The idea is to do our bit in the construction of the Dornala center for children with hearing, speech, visual and locomotor disabilities in the region of Srisailam (India).

In 2018, a study showed that this Indian area was home to a significant number of minors (up to 15 years old) with different types of disabilities and, therefore, special educational needs. In addition, poverty, lack of information and training, taboos and prejudices contribute to making it difficult for these people, and often for their families, to create a life project.

Therefore, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which is deeply rooted in the area, decided to build the Dornala center. In a residential regime, the children will develop all their capabilities, with quality and innovative education, rehabilitation services, innovative learning stimulation systems and the participation of 18 professionals.

This building will also integrate an inclusive high school to provide equal opportunities for all students, without circumstances (disability, religion, ethnic, social or economic issues) being a reason for segregation or exclusion. In short, the aim is to ensure that the children who study at this center, some 80, but with the projection of increasing this number, have a life as autonomous and independent as possible.

Our contribution stems from the collaboration of our customers. They will only have to click a button on an email they will receive, and MailComms Group will donate an amount for each click that will go to a specific part of the project, the construction of the dormitories in the complex. The campaign’s slogan, “If we join hands, we will transform the world” (Vicente Ferrer), makes perfect sense.

Javier Echebarría, CEO of MailComms Group, shares a reflection on the campaign: “Once again this year, at MailComms Group we are launching a campaign to positively impact the quality of life of disadvantaged groups. We have always counted on experienced organizations by our side, and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is undoubtedly one of them. Its Dornala center will be a milestone in the area, and its contribution to the future of children and their families will be truly significant. We are very pleased to be able to participate in the project, in collaboration with all our customers.”

In the last seven years, eight with this one, our Christmas campaigns have generated positive impact for society and the planet, hand in hand with entities such as Unicef, Save The Children, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and Aldeas Infantiles. It was with the latter that it all began.