This Tuesday we are visited by a representation of the Japan Business Forms Association (JBFA). During the meeting, organized by the eFORMA alliance, our experience in accelerating digital transformation, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, will be studied as a success story. The event was organized by JBFA and eFORMA, a leading international industry alliance of high-level suppliers in the field of customer communications.

La Japan Business Forms Association (JBFA) nos visita para interesarse sobre la transformación de nuestro modelo de negocio

This Tuesday we received an important visit at our facilities in Leganés (Madrid). It is a delegation of the Japan Business Forms Association (JBFA), a Japanese association of companies specialized in the printing channel, in a market where the physical format has a very relevant value in communications with customers. eFORMA, an international alliance to which one of the visitors and also MailTecK belongs, organized the meeting.

The delegation will consist of 19 executives from a dozen Japanese companies. Among other things, these professionals will delve into the transformation of our business model towards digital, but with physical channels perfectly integrated into our projects. The JBFA, hand in hand with eFORMA, will mainly study our experience in accelerating the digital transition of our clients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At our headquarters, and throughout the morning, there will be time to talk, exchange ideas and knowledge and tour the MailTecK facilities. JBFA professionals are interested in learning in detail about our technology capabilities and solutions for omnichannel and multi-device business-to-customer communications. The visit will also provide opportunities for networking and finding avenues for professional collaboration in new markets.

This meeting was born from the personal initiative of Keiji Kotani, CEO of Iseto Co., Ltd. and president of JBFA, and Javier Echeberría, CEO of the MailComms group and founder of the two companies that comprise it, MailTecK, born in 1994, and Customer Comms, which started its activity in 2012.

eFORMA honored us in 2022 with an award in the Application of the Year category for CertySign, the platform that enables us to offer qualified electronic customer communications services according to eIDAS. The network, of which we are part as specialists in digital transition, recognized with this award our continuous innovation to offer the best solutions to our customers.