We have just signed the ISMS and INCIBE Pact for Sustainable Cybersecurity. It is an alliance of companies that wants to advance information security and environmental protection in an integrated and knowledge-sharing manner. Here we tell you all about it.

In our Sustainability Plan and on our dedicated page we discuss our contribution to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN Agenda 2030. And in the detail of the SDGs to which we contribute we include the last one, SDG 17, Partnerships to achieve the goals. Today we announce that we have obtained the Sustainable Cybersecurity seal, a quality mark created and managed by ISMS Forum and Incibe (National Cybersecurity Institute). You were recently able to read about our entry in ISMS Forum, and last year at this time we told you how INCIBE included us in its list of cybersecurity companies. Pure ODS 17.

What does this distinction mean? This seal certifies that we are part of the Pact for Sustainable Cybersecurity together with 72 other Spanish companies. This is a significant figure for an agreement that will be more effective the more companies that join.

Basically, the The pact was born to jointly protect the interests of society, the planet and cybersecurity, based on the question: how can we ensure information security without harming the environment? The digital society in which we find ourselves, and which is tending to become stronger, must offer full confidence to the people and companies that participate in it.

But digitalization poses environmental challenges to which we must respond. This pact, through cooperation and knowledge sharing, seeks answers to these challenges in a collaborative manner. And to find them , actions have been defined around eight specific pillars: responsible governance, transparency and accountability, energy efficiency, circular economy, e-waste management, collaboration and disclosure, sustainable standards and supply chain collaboration.

The seal functions as a form of identification; every company that bears it takes sustainability into account in its daily activities. But it also plays the role of guarantor. Among the obligations involved in obtaining and using it is, for example, the following: “the company using it undertakes to be accountable to its stakeholders in relation to its actions and progress in terms of sustainability and cybersecurity”. The MailComms Group already does this in various ways, including the publication of the Sustainability Plan and the results of the CarbonQuota report. The seal shows us a path that we already know and at the same time indicates that we are on the right track.

Javier Echebarría, CEO of Grupo MailComms (MailTecK, Customer Comms and Contisystems) and founder of the first two, says: “When we joined the ISMS Forum, we were very positive about the idea of actively participating in such a specialized and avant-garde association. Now, this inclusion gives us new opportunities beyond cybersecurity: in everything related to sustainability. And we feel comfortable in that place, we have been working for years to take care of the environment from our activity. This Pact will provide us with learnings and we will pour our knowledge into it.”

Do you want to know how we apply sustainability in our business?

And how do we contribute, through our projects, to help your company achieve its environmental goals? Talk to us and we'll tell you. We will be happy to study your needs.


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