At MailTecK & Customer Comms we measure our carbon footprint and receive a comprehensive report and certification from CarbonQuota, an independent organization that combines science, technology and advanced analytics to perform comprehensive and reliable GHG emissions studies. In 2021 all indicators point to a reduction compared to 2019 of 23%.

Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, better known as “carbon footprint”, is everyone’s business: citizens, administrations and companies. The 2030 Agenda set a key target for Europe: by 2030, these emissions must have fallen by 55% compared to 1990. Our contribution in just two years has been 23%.

We know that, unfortunately, much of our daily activity generates greenhouse gases. For example, an average-sized gasoline car emits 143 grams of CO2 per kilometer, on average. Or that a letter in its entire life cycle generates 10 grams of CO2, a sum that includes paper, processes and distribution. One hour of our favorite Netflix series means that 55 grams are released into the atmosphere, according to data from the company itself and something we all do: each Google search “costs” the planet 0.2 grams of CO2, according to The Guardian newspaper.

To establish to what extent the MailTecK & Customer Comms group can contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint, the key is to measure and to do so, CarbonQuota has become our best ally. It is an independent organization that combines science, technology and advanced analysis to conduct comprehensive and reliable studies on GHG emissions from companies and governments. CarbonQuota not only offers us a detailed report to know our annual situation, but also helps us to define improvement points and gives us a commonly recognized certification.

The overall result that can be read in the certification itself says that MailTecK & Customer Comms reduced its carbon footprint associated with its activity by 23 % in 2021 compared to 2019. The comparison has been made between 2021 and 2019 because 2020 is not significant. Last year, the drop reported by the CarbonQuota audit was greater, 43%, but 2020, the year under review, was special because of the pandemic, teleworking and the general operational standstill.

In any case, the analysis is very complete and incorporates a wide range of indicators. For example, we have reduced the calculated emissions per square meter of buildings by 30%, per full-time employee (FTE) by 29% and per million invoiced by 32%, always when comparing 2021 with 2019.

The above data places us in the average of the sector. But CarbonQuota also measures other areas divided into the same indicators. Water consumption is one of the areas in which we have done the best job, with savings ranging from 40% to 48%. In terms of energy consumption, the report places us in an advantageous position with respect to neighboring companies, with reductions starting at 8 % and reaching up to 19 %. This figure is combined with the fact that 82% of all the energy we consumed in the first half of 2022 came from 100% renewable sources, as stated in the documentation received from our suppliers. Our commitment is that, in the future, all the energy we consume will be green and emission-free.

Until now, carbon footprint measurement has been voluntary for companies. However, Law 7/2021 on Climate Change and Energy Transition will make it mandatory, the detail describing what type of companies have to do so is still under development. We have gone ahead of you. And this decision is part of our corporate sustainability plan, which in turn is directly integrated into our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. In other words, a conviction that comes from the depths of our business and our values, both internally and externally: it allows us to be your sustainable supplier and to collaborate with your company to achieve its own environmental objectives.