INCIBE (the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute) has approved our application and has included us in its catalog of cybersecurity companies and solutions, a list that appears classified by product categories and specific solutions. In this post we tell you what this means and why it is so relevant.

INCIBE nos reconoce como empresa de ciberseguridad

What is INCIBE

INCIBE is the official reference in Spain for the development of cybersecurity and digital confidence of citizens, companies and researchers. As such, in addition to many other activities, this company, which reports to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, maintains an updated taxonomy of security solutions. Its mission, in brief, is “to strengthen cybersecurity, trust and the protection of information and privacy in information society services, providing value to citizens, companies, administrations and other entities”.

Taxonomy of cybersecurity solutions

One of its most important and practical tasks is to maintain and review its taxonomy of cybersecurity solutions. This is very relevant in the current context in which mobile technologies, social networks and cloud computing, among other aspects, have led to an unprecedented socialization and massification of information technologies and information security.

This taxonomy is based on already widespread classifications such as those of IDC and Gartner and is divided into product and service categories. Based on all this, a list of suppliers that have the necessary certifications, systems, protocols and good practices to carry out their activities safely is compiled. This also includes the actions your customers take through your products. Each supplier on the INCIBE supplier list is associated with some of its specific solutions.

Categories and solutions in which we are included

You can consult the INCIBE file on Custommer Comms on this page. The entity has included us in all the requested categories:

Service categories

  • Legal compliance
    These are services that help companies comply with current legislation on technological security or information security, such as the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the Intellectual Property Law (LPI) and others.

Product categories

  • Legal compliance
    These are tools designed to facilitate legal compliance, applicable to information security, as is the case of the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) in organizations and companies.
  • Protection of communications
    These are products designed to protect systems and devices connected to a network. Tools to establish a security perimeter and ensure secure communications to prevent unauthorized access and attacks from external networks and the Internet.

And these solutions:

In the list of product and service categories shown in the taxonomy, INCIBE includes a brief description of each of them, in “keyword” mode, and several areas of application. You can examine this information in detail in the PDF that has been published on the subject.

Our security ecosystem

At Customer Comms, as a company that is part of the INCIBE list of companies, we have obtained a valuable and official recognition of the capacity of our solutions, products and services in the field of cybersecurity. The “registered company” seal we have received helps us to display it quickly.

Furthermore, in our case, this inclusion reinforces our positioning within the security and privacy of information, which is completed with our certifications. ISO 27001 y 27701 and with our recognition as trusted electronic service provider qualified in certified electronic delivery by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, in accordance with eIDAS regulations.

In their practical application, our solutions and services, designed under the compliance by design concept , add security and confidence to their functionality and UX, as well as the ability to trace the process and obtain evidence with full legal validity.

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