A burofax is a form of sending documents addressed to a person, company or public administration. The burofax is used to transfer documents that, due to their content, must be delivered in a reliable way, that is to say, with a proof of delivery, where the name of the person who received it is stated. This type of reliable communication can be sent on paper or initiated online with delivery by Correos if the MailComms group’s online Burofax solution is used.

What happens if you do not receive a reply to a burofax?

If a burofax is not answered, this does not mean that it has not been delivered or that the mailing and its contents have been rendered ineffective. For documents with legal value, such as a lawsuit, the non-response to a burofax is still understood as a notification and has legal effects. Failure to respond to a burofax does not imply acceptance of its contents. Here you can learn more about the burofax and its legal validity.

Is it mandatory to respond to a burofax?

It all depends on the content. A burofax is usually sent to communicate relevant issues that may or may not require further action by the recipient. If a burofax is received, it is important to read its contents carefully, since it may notify the addressee of multiple situations which by their nature may have consequences, positive or negative, at a legal, criminal or economic level. The content should indicate whether any action or response is expected from the sender. If it is not clear, it is better to contact the sender and clarify it to avoid undesired effects.

How to reply to a burofax?

Also in this case it is the content of the burofax that should give us the answer. Once the content is known, if it requires a written reply, the recipient or a representative should draft a letter of reply with the details of the message, including a clear statement of what is being replied to, and sign the letter. It would be advisable, in this case, to send the response in the form of a registered letter to provide it with a certain degree of reliability or by means of a bureaufax.

What happens if a burofax is picked up by someone else?

In Spain, the notification is considered valid if it reaches the addressee, either the person to whom the letter is addressed or any other person who collects the burofax on his behalf.

What are the legal effects of a burofax?

A bureaufax is a certified messenger service that ensures that the recipient receives the content in a secure manner and guarantees that it has been delivered to its destination. The burofax offers the user a series of advantages, among which the signature of receipt and confirmation of delivery stand out. In addition, the burofax provides high security for the documents included, which makes it an ideal tool for sending private and confidential documents. In the case of using the means of a qualified trustworthy electronic service provider, accredited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the probative value of the bureaufax becomes extreme. This is the case of the MailComms group.