We have been approved by TIREA to integrate our electronic signature services in the CIMA platform (Connectivity, Innovation and Services for Insurance Mediation), a platform used daily by 130 Spanish insurance companies. This means that thousands of professionals will be able to easily choose CertySign to launch their electronic signature processes. We tell you more in this post.

TIREA (Information and Network Technologies for Insurance Companies) has approved MailComms Group as an electronic signature provider, which will allow us to integrate our CertySign tool into the CIMA platform. This solution, whose acronym stands for Connectivity, Innovation and Services for Insurance Mediation, is used by 130 insurance companies in Spain to maintain effective, simple and efficient communication between their systems and technologies.

Our CertySign platform will interface with CIMA’s middleware to facilitate the exchange of up-to-date policy information between insurers and brokers. It will also manage the advanced and qualified electronic signature operations required in each process. In this way, we greatly facilitate access to our signature services to the ecosystem of insurance companies and their mediation channel, in all lines of business: auto, accident, home, life, multi-risk, health, transport, fire, legal defense, etc.

To carry out these actions through CertySign, entities will only have to choose our platform as a trusted e-service provider once connected to CIMA. After doing so, the company or broker will have access to a technology that offers a maximum guarantee of reliability, confidentiality, traceability and custody, together with functionalities and features such as, among others:

  • Certification as a qualified provider of electronic trust services (according to eIDAS).
  • Multichannel: email and SMS.
  • Multidevice: responsive design to adapt the user experience to each device.
  • Access to the signature process, by the recipient, from a link in the email or SMS.
  • Signature through OTP and electronic certificate.
  • Basic customization (logo, custom sender and email design), with the possibility of reaching advanced end-to-end customization.
  • Multi-signer, multi-document and multi-signer options.
  • Launching of massive processes by means of files.

“Being approved for integration into CIMA is a natural step for us. This platform allows us to get even closer to professionals in the insurance sector and to offer our services in a simple way and with full functionality, including legal guarantee and security. In addition, CIMA is a solution born of technology and based on technology, which are values closely shared by MailComms Group”, said Javier Echebarría, CEO of MailComms Group.

The CIMA platform connects insurers, brokers and software providers through the EIAC language. This standard has been developed at the initiative of mediation, and in collaboration with UNESPA (Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies) and the companies in the sector, to exchange information smoothly and securely. TIREA is the vehicle through which this technological project, launched collaboratively by the Spanish insurance industry in 1997, is being developed.