The Hotel Technological Institute wants the hotel industry to be aware of the benefits of this application, which imports a person's ID card to the cell phone to facilitate, among other things, guest check-in and the management of RGPD consents in the hotel area.

The Hotel Technological Institute (ITH) has allowed us to participate in its ITH Innovation Summit, the reference meeting on innovation and technology applied to the tourism sector, to present the DNI Wallet solution.

This application, developed by our partner Secuware, is based on the secure import of the user’s physical identity document to the cell phone and offers a large number of advantages. During the event we will demonstrate at our booth and describe how the hospitality industry can benefit from this technology. The event will take place on June 13 and 14 at the Sala Truss of the Wizink Center (Madrid).

DNI Wallet is an intuitive and secure application that allows anyone to carry their DNI on their cell phone. The import occurs through NFC technology, which obtains the information from the document’s chip. Once incorporated, it is stored under double encryption and protected biometrically and with the rest of the device’s security measures.

For the hospitality industry, DNI Wallet provides an opportunity to enhance the guest experience, starting with a much faster and more secure identification process. Through this solution, the establishment and the customer will be able to generate in a much more agile way the entry report, which can be signed on their own cell phone. In addition, the hotel will manage the RGPD consents in a simpler and more compliant way. Guests will also be able to associate and operate from the same app with their identity document, although passports or residence permits of different nationalities would also be valid, or even include their hotel loyalty cards.

In terms of security, with DNI Wallet the establishment will have the certainty that the customer is who he/she claims to be. The application performs a series of optical and electronic validations of the information extracted from the chip to authenticate the uploaded document and verify that it has not been tampered with. The app also connects in real time with the FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) to know the revocation status of the associated digital certificates and if there is any report of theft or loss of the document to the Police.

All this and more will be developed during the event organized by ITH. The Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero was created to respond to the present and future technological challenges of the tourism sector. Attached to the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (CEHAT), its objective is to promote the developments and management systems necessary to improve the competitiveness, profitability, quality, efficiency and sustainability of companies linked to the hotel industry.

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