During the last INESE Insurance Week we organized a very special session, accompanied by Mapfre, Santalucía, ECIJA, ECIX and Accenture. The most important finding was that people are looking for trust to engage with insurers, especially in digital environments. This is where the trusted service provider becomes even more important. You have a summary below and access to the full video of the session.

Nuestra jornada en la Semana del Seguro 2023: resumen y vídeo completo de la sesión

On February 15, we organized a session at the 30th edition of INESE’s Insurance Week. Experts from Accenture, Santalucía, ECIJA, ECIX and Mapfre gave presentations in line with the slogan: “People, central axis of business processes and compliance. And if we talk about people, the first thing is to thank all the professionals who filled the room where the conference took place, it was a pleasure to have you.

One of the most repeated concepts during the presentation was “trust”. In an ever-changing environment, still influenced by new behaviors arising from the pandemic, companies are seeking to gain the trust of increasingly unpredictable consumers. And they, for their part, contract with those companies they consider reliable.

At the beginning of the session, Quim Carbonés, Senior Manager at Accentureexplained how to reconnect with the users by moving the focus from the customer to the person: “Companies with a focus on the person They know the forces that affect their customers and offer them the most relevant solutions for those contexts”. Also the most agile, as “64% of consumers would like companies to respond more quickly to their needs”.

In his speech, Javier Echeberría, CEO of MailTecK & Customer Comms, focused on how to build trust in people in a phygital world. Digital and physical communications, with both environments combined, are key to the user experience. He described the benefits of our CertySign platform in this area, and recalled how other innovative solutions also contribute to security and trust. He spoke, among others, of digital identification with DNI Wallet, electronic contracting with signature, reliable communications and obtaining RGPD consents with full legal guarantees without friction for the client.

In view of the theory, the presentation then moved on to practice. Two success stories were presented where MailTecK & Customer Comms technology has boosted the improvement of customer experience and conversion rates associated with the processes, without forgetting regulatory compliance.

First, Lucía Cuadrado (Operations Manager of Santalucía Seguros) y Alonso Hurtado (partner at ECIJA)moderated by Teresa Arandilla (Business Director, Legal Communications, MailTecK & Customer Comms)The participants approached the process of recovering policy signatures from a triple perspective (operational, legal and technological), always with the person at the center. Lucia described how the firm’s increased success came with a personalized and simple multi-channel process with email and SMS.

Later, Rosa Mª Lago (DPO of Mapfre), Carlos Alberto Saiz (vice-president of ECIX Group), and again with the moderation of Teresa Arandilla, led a conversation dedicated to the GDPR, its level of compliance and the support offered by technology providers to avoid heavy fines.

As a practical case, the adaptation of Mapfre to the RGPD regulation was presented: “It cannot be said that it was an easy path, it meant an absolute change of paradigm in which we moved from an absolutely regulated system to a system of proactive responsibility”, highlighted Rosa. Regarding the acceptance of consent by the client, decisive factors were identified as the simplicity of the process and the generation of a digital environment of trust, without forgetting scrupulous compliance with regulations.

Were you one of the hundred or so professionals who joined us for the day? Couldn’t attend? In any case, you have a new opportunity to learn what happened.

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