On June 8 we will be, as collaborators, in the 11th edition of the Congress of Communication and Marketing in the Insurance Sector, organized by ICEA. Three main ideas will be addressed during the day: customization, personalization and user experience.

Participamos en el Congreso de Comunicación y Marketing en el Sector Asegurador de ICEA

On June 8, we will participate as main collaborators in the 11th edition of the Congress of Communication and Marketing in the Insurance Sector. The conference, which will be held at the Vincci Soho hotel in Madrid, is organized by ICEA, the most important industry association, and will be attended by some of the most representative insurance companies, such as: Allianz, Asisa, Asitur, DKV, FIATC, Iris Global, Lagun Aro, Musaat, Mutual Médica and Occident.

The conversations that will take place during the event will be based on three ideas that point to adaptation, personalization and user experience as the keys to the future:

  • The only thing that is permanent is change: how to evolve with the 21st century consumer in mind.
  • Flexibility, simplification and change in the reorientation of well-known and strongly consolidated brands.
  • How to generate personalized content, know trends and future behaviors.

CEOs, marketing directors, customer area managers and strategy managers from leading companies and organizations in the sector will discuss these proposals.

“After almost 3 decades in the sector, and taking into account our strong specialization, at Mailcomms group we are very aware of the importance of communication and marketing in the insurance sector, our strategic sector”, comments Javier Echebarría CEO of Mailcomms, a group formed by MailTecK & Customer Comms. “A good part of generating business for companies lies in maintaining a seamless relationship with their customers through personalized omnichannel communications and engaging UX,” he adds.

Our actions with ICEA, in its different activities and congresses, stem from our commitment to build alliances to share practices and knowledge. In this case, the cooperation materializes around one of the areas in which we specialize: marketing and communication.

In addition, during the event we will have a stand where we will be able to talk with all the professionals who come, both attendees and participants. We invite you to spend some time with us to talk about what we can bring to the Communication and Marketing departments of insurance companies. Improving the user experience, impacting the business and reducing risk through compliance are some answers, but I’m sure we can identify many more areas to work on together.

For more information or to register for the 11th Congress of Communication and Marketing in the Insurance Sector, please visit this page.