If you are reading us "from" the insurance sector you will know us because it is very possible that in our 30 years of history our paths have crossed through some project or a sustained collaboration over time. Now we want to show you the full picture of what we can do for you. Here goes.

Trabajamos para el top 20 de las empresas del sector asegurador

“We manage your customer communications, integrating physical and digital channels” is the phrase with which we introduce ourselves on our website. Also to our commitment to personalization. Any of these concepts may have caused us to meet because, in the case of MailComms Group, they respond to very broad realities.

Marketing, transactional and legal communications for the insurance industry

If we start with communications, we are specialized in offering solutions for marketing, transactional and legal communications processes with customers, employees and suppliers. For this purpose, we have technology, translated into applications and tools, and also designed by third parties of recognized prestige, with some common denominators: all the possibilities you will find in our portfolio are developed around concepts such as customer and user experience, regulatory compliance, information security and privacy, agility of use and implementation, and sustainability.

Specialized regulatory compliance

In addition, we apply to each of these ideas our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and its specific needs, including the regulations that regulate its activity directly or in an umbrella mode such as
NIS 2, DORA, eIDAS and eIDAS 2.
and, of course, the management of
consent management required by the GDPR.
. We also add a layer of our accreditation as a qualified provider of trusted electronic services, which increases the probative value of the communications sent through our systems and gives us the quality of a “digital notary” .

Omnichannel on all devices

Another main feature of our proposal is omnichannel, present in all types of communication, in all our tools and for all devices. At MailComms Group we understand multichannel in a comprehensive way: for us it is not a sum of channels but the combination of all of them, digital (email, SMS, WhatsApp, web, …) and offline (postcard, files in different formats, personalized videos, call center…).

Human insurance, the path to digital inclusion

What you have read in the previous section has several benefits. High effectiveness or success of shipments is one of them, and a very important one. But others besides important are necessary, such as the ability of omnichannel to fight digital exclusion. We explained it some time ago in our
article on insurance for seniors
but in reality it reaches all groups that for educational or economic reasons, or simply for preference, do not want to abandon the physical channels.

Our proposals allow us to build processes in which both realities, digital and offline, coexist fluidly. And in the event that for some compelling reason the customer journey has to go digital, our solutions make it as easy as possible with options such as, for example, QR codes that lead directly to an online process or our
Virtual Signature Room
. The whole, in a broad sense, rests on a concept called human insurance, which is present in all our actions.

We are in CIMA as an electronic signature provider

CIMA, the platform used every day by more than 130 insurance companies, is undoubtedly one of the most important meeting points for the sector. In the last quarter of 2023 TIREA approved us as an electronic signature provider, which means that these 130 companies and their thousands of employees can now choose us within the platform to launch their signature processes.

This was a big step for us, so much so that we included it among our milestones for the year.
our milestones for the year
. It is very satisfying to design an ecosystem of tools and functionalities for the insurance industry and to be able to offer them in such a comprehensive and direct way as integrating our CertySign platform into CIMA. Now that we are there, we feel even closer to the professionals in the area. Here is Santalucia’s testimony on how we helped them to improve their signature processes.

And all in a sustainable spirit

The insurance sector, as part of society, is no stranger to the climate emergency that our planet is experiencing and, therefore, all forms of life that inhabit it. And technology partners also have a role to play.

We define ourselves as a sustainable supplier from the inside, that is to say, our own activity, and from the outside, that is to say, in the projects we develop for companies in the sector. We have a
sustainability plan
that sets out our environmental strategy. We measure our emissions and try to reduce them thanks to the
CarbonQuota report
. We obtain
environmental certifications
and apply the learnings from the process. We allied to be part of the
Incibe and ISMS’s Pact for Sustainable Cybersecurity
and contribute to the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

And we pass all this on to our clients through our projects to help them achieve their own environmental goals .

If you are a company in the insurance sector we want you to know that our support is global, specialized and integrated. We help you to talk to customers, suppliers and employees, and to do so with all the guarantees and in all situations. We do this without ever neglecting aspects such as attractive user experiences, sustainability or regulatory compliance. We have tried to tell you everything in one article, but as we have pointed out, one of our differentiating features is customization.

So now we propose, shall we talk about your activity to see what else we can be with you on?


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