The elderly are important users for the insurance sector (96% have some product contracted), and also a challenge of integration in a highly digitalized world. Our solutions offer valuable features to overcome the main barriers posed by seniors and do so through technology, user experience, combination of digital and physical channels and trust generation.

People over 55 years of age have taken out an average of 2.64 insurance policies in Spain, according to the III Senior Consumer Barometer, carried out by Fundación Mapfre and Google. The same study indicates that 96% of seniors have at least one insurance policy. In addition, the report’s data show that the product most chosen by this population group is home insurance (82%), followed by automobile (73%) and life insurance (56%).

These data point to a challenge in a heavily digitized society, and more so every day. In 2021, 40.5% of seniors said they never access the Internet, according to Newtral, based on a barometer conducted by the Democratic Union of Pensioners and Retirees. The digital divide, however, decreased during the pandemic due to the need to carry out procedures remotely.

Business sectors that need to interact on a regular basis with their customers, such as insurance, are at a point where they cannot slow down the technological development of their industries, but neither can they leave behind people, such as the elderly, with difficulties in adapting to digital. The companies that do best will be those that overcome five main barriers: access, installation, knowledge, design and trust. That is, technology and user experience.

At MailComms Group we design our solutions for legal, marketing and transactional communications combining both concepts, and we add security and multi-channeling so that you can offer the most appropriate, reliable and simple service to your customers, whatever their age. Platforms such as Communicalia or CertySign allow you, from a user perspective, to send all kinds of personalized communications to the people who trust your company. But not only that.

These applications integrate very intuitive elements for when a response is necessary or desired, such as: Virtual Signature Room, electronic signature, verification and digital authentication for contracting policies or extending and renewing products(cross selling and up selling), management of consents according to RGPD, data updating, etc. They are also powerful solutions when it comes to displaying the information you want to show to the recipient, with important graphic and multimedia possibilities, and to do so consistently on different channels and devices, always with the look & feel of your company.

These aesthetic and technological capabilities, together with the omnichannel nature of our solutions, are key to overcoming the barriers mentioned above. Their combination translates into improved ease of access for the customer, who also does not have to install new software, and who can use the device and channel they are most comfortable with. Our commitment to technology is also a commitment to the integration of physical and digital channels, always personalized, and with itineraries to move easily from paper to digital and vice versa. This all adds up to trust, which is one of the most important reasons for a senior to choose one company over another.

If you want to know more about how our products can optimize your relationship with seniors in this phygital world, feel free to contact us through the form below.


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