José Manuel is a specialist in the optimization of digitalization processes and profitability of technological tools in different sectors, mainly utilities and telecommunications.

Incorporación José Manuel

ManosLast week we announced the launch of a new group company,
Unified Comms
and today we want to tell you that our team of professionals is growing with the incorporation of José Manuel Rodríguez. Welcome, José Manuel!

Our new colleague arrives at MailComms Group to reinforce, in a very significant way, the Legal Communications commercial team, reporting directly to Teresa Arandilla, the person in charge of the area. José Manuel will work in the following sectors utilities y telcoHe will do so as Account Director.

Your contribution to MailComms Group

Among his functions, the new Legal Communications Account Manager will work on streamlining business digitalization processes for our clients, optimizing the use and profitability of our tools in customized projects.

“In my professional career I have always maintained a special bond with my clients and I have provided technological solutions to develop the Business, IT, Marketing and Legal areas, thus helping companies in their digital transformation process”, explains José Manuel.
“I am very motivated by this new professional stage because of what I can bring to Grupo MailComms, as my experience and skills combine very well with the company’s philosophy, but also because of what I will learn from one of the leading companies in its area of expertise and the professionals who are part of it,” he adds.

Technology, data management and cybersecurity expertise

LegalJosé Manuel holds a law degree from the University of Granada. His training includes ESIC certification in sales. In addition, he has been linked during his 25 years of professional experience to the world of data and technology: software, data and customized projects.

In relation to his experience, he has worked in companies such as SealPath, Arvato (Bertelsmann), Telefónica, Axesor (Experian) and Deyde DataCentric. José Manuel highlights his contribution to the latter three due to the relevance of the projects he led in them. By sectors, in these 25 years he has worked in utilities and telecommunications, in addition to different projects in insurance, banking and retail. His areas of expertise include cybersecurity, big data, AI, data quality and geodata.

Welcome José Manuel!