This week we dedicate our blog post to tell you some good news: we are expanding the MailComms Group with Unified Comms! Whenever the family grows, it is always worth celebrating. And we're also going to explain why we created this company for the Salesforce environment because we think you'll be interested.

Unified Comms


Unified Comms celebrateUnified Comms is born as a SalesForce boutique in the MailComms Group. Our objective is clear, we want to become a strategic partner with a specialized and differential dedication to our customers. And we want to do it with a boutique mentality because we will adapt to the particular needs of our clients, so that they can tackle their CRM projects, Salesforce integrations and their 360º digital transformation in a unified, secure and reliable way.

“Unified Comms is our response to a need, whereby companies in any area of activity can count on a partner that offers innovative, customized and reliable solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem,” explains Javier Echebarria, CEO of MailComms Group.

He adds: “This new MailComms company comes with the group’s DNA, to optimize processes thanks to in-house developed technology complemented by others from top-tier vendors such as Salesforce, expertise, boutique-like service and a proven ability to connect with our customers and, therefore, with their needs. We have been accompanying them for 30 years in a multitude of projects and situations related to communications with their own clients. Now we propose to take our relationship to the next level: helping companies unify data, secure communications and transactions with customers, channels and suppliers in any medium with Salesforce as an intelligent, integratingtechnology.”

Your Salesforce boutique

Unified Comms shipWe are also very clear about how we want to do it. In reality, this will already ring a bell because it applies to all the companies in the group. Our intention is to to be your boutique in the Salesforce universe and to accompany you, as specialized consultants with our own technology and product development, in tasks such as: implementations, business processes and integrations with other systems. All of the above rests on four values, which are also shared by all our companies: trust, commitment, innovation, equality and diversity.

Unified Comms differentiation

The identity and features of Unified Comms can be summarized in a few main points:

  • Proximity. As we said, we want to be your Salesforce boutique and treat you with the utmost exclusivity.
  • Clouds. We know and implement all products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud/Pardot, Experience Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Tableau. Also MuleSoft, Data Cloud and Slack and AI.
  • We offer verticalized solutions by industry, with a great knowledge and experience of the business processes of the main industries.


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  • We develop our own product, as ISV, with packaged solutions and in the App Exchange.
  • We are experts, and have a long history, in trust services such as electronic contracting, digital identification and certified communications and transactions, with full legal validity, with the corresponding digital custody.
  • We are official Salesforce trainers and provide support in training (technical and functional) and in optimizing the adoption of this solution, as well as in Salesforcereskilling processes. Count on us!
  • And we are experts in Salesforce continuous integration. Again, count on us!
  • Target customers: the experience of MailTecK, Customer Comms and Contisystems precedes us. We want to develop customized projects for companies in all sectors.
  • Geographic areas: we work mainly in Spain and Portugal, with commercial presence in: Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon and Porto.

Sectors we are targeting

Unified Comms Data CloudAs you probably know, we are very specialized in the insurance sector, but we also have a relevant background in other areas and industries. We know very well sectors such as telecommunications, energy & utilities, pharmaceuticals, health and public administrations.

Our expertise in Salesforce allows us to offer solutions tailored to each industry and to the needs of each company, including the creation of Salesforce practices and the implementation of specific technology project offices and directorates.

In addition to our consulting work, we also provide complete assessments of software-cloud platforms, development of continuous integration, also with the companies’ own systems, and devops with Salesforce.

And to highlight one more of our services around Salesforce, we launch for our clients processes of adoption of this technology.

What is Salesforce

If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know what Salesforce is. But just in case, we’ll share with you a few hints.

Salesforce is a leading North American company in the implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS). and applications for the customer relationship management(customer 360). In other words, CRM that brings information and business processes closer to your teams, employees, clients and customers. partnersin a unified repository and with the same interface. It has multiple products (clouds) including applications for every step of the customer experience, from acquisition to loyalty. What’s more, everything works in perfect harmony on a single platform, with tailored solutions regardless of the size of each company or its industry.

Every day, employees at more than 150,000 companies worldwide use Salesforce. Its highly reliable technology is present in the relationships between companies and users all over the world at all times.

With Unified Comms we want to provide you with access to the world of customer, channel and supplier management and optimize your Salesforce-based services so that your company gets the maximum operational performance and return on investment, in an integrated, reliable and secure way.

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