As we told you in a previous article, eIDAS 2 offers the creation of a European digital wallet as one of its main new features. But the implementation of this tool is expected to be completed in 2026. Meanwhile, other solutions offer similar functionalities with the same legal assurance, compliance, security and privacy. This is the case of DNI Wallet, which we offer in our portfolio of services.

EU Digital ID Wallet

EU Digital ID Wallet

EU Digital ID Wallet mobileThe EU Digital ID Wallet is one of the most interesting new features of eIDAS 2. The evolution of the European regulation 910/2014 eIDAS, already approved by the European Parliament last February 29, is only awaiting ratification by the EU Council and publication in the OJEU for it to enter into force 20 days later. Therefore, a free wallet is not expected to exist until 2026. We told you about it in a recent blog post.

This digital wallet will allow its users to securely store various documents and personal information on devices such as smartphones. Some examples are ID cards, driving licenses, university degrees, medical records, prescriptions, bank cards… With the possibility of both online and offline use.

Of course, the owners of the information will be able to use it in the necessary operations with all the legal guarantee for both parts. This is what is known as an attribute declaration. In short, the aim is to gain in agility, facilitate intra-community procedures and, at the same time, fight against fraud and identity theft .

Uses of EU Digital ID Wallet

The EU Digital ID Wallet will be used as a means of reliable identification before:

  • Public administrations.
  • Digital platforms: Youtube, LinkedIn…
  • E-commerce platforms: Amazon, Booking…
  • Companies and organizations requiring strong authentication: banks and payment services, Social Security, postal services, educational organizations, air transport…

Benefits of the European digital portfolio

This tool will offer a total control over the data that each user wants to use, safely and securely, and with the ability to share only the data necessary at any given time (such as, for example, the date of birth to prove the age of majority in those cases where it is necessary to verify the age of minors for access to certain content). It will also offer the possibility of using pseudonyms as a guarantee of anonymity and will provide high standards of security and transparency, as it will be designed with open source code.

Start of operation

Expectations surrounding this tool are high, butits implementation is not expected until 24 months after the approval of the eIDAS 2 implementing acts, i.e. in 2026. Fortunately there is a real alternative, already developed, with a similar spirit and characteristics. It is
DNI Wallet, it is designed by Secuware
and is part of our portfolio of services.

DNI Wallet by Secuware

DNI Wallet is a very intuitive digital walletMobile DNI Wallet developed within the eIDAS 2 framework, which makes it robust in terms of legal reliability and regulatory compliance.

This application allows any user to quickly import your ID card to carry it securely on your cell phone. The data is transferred through the NFC technology from the ID chip. And once the process has been completed, all the information will be stored under double encryption and protected with biometrics and other measures incorporated in the device.

In addition, DNI Wallet also applies optical and electronic validations of the imported data to authenticate the document and verify that it has not been tampered with. In addition to all this, there is real-time communication with the FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) to determine the status of the associated digital certificates or if there are any reports of theft to the police. This set of measures results in extreme certainty that the person using it is who they say they are.

DNI Wallet also supports loyalty cards, passports, driving licenses, residence permits, health cards…

Usability of DNI Wallet

DNI Wallet has a high usability. One of the most obvious uses is in the tourism sector, as a means to speed up the check-in of guests in hotel establishments and to generate fast, reliable and trustworthy entry forms, which the traveler can sign on his own cell phone. The hotel will also be able to manage the RGPD consents of its customers, with guaranteed regulatory compliance. This is what we told during our participation in the ITH Summit .

Other common uses of DNI Wallet are identification at organizations or companies, onboarding, entry to shows or access to restricted areas.

If you want to know more about this application and its integration possibilities in your systems, or in communication or compliance processes, do not hesitate to contact us through the form below.


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