Digital sourcing has accelerated in recent years. Technological democratization and new user habits have been pushed by a pandemic that has made it necessary to carry out all kinds of procedures without leaving home. Companies have responded with engaging experiences for their customers, to sell their products in the same way in an office or online channel. In this context, insurance companies need allies to offer the highest levels of security in each step of a contract, renewal or extension, among other procedures. The electronic signature plays a key role here.

1. 100% digital insurance

We can already talk about digital insurance or we can talk about opportunities. Today, any customer, not just millennials or digital natives, browses websites, aggregators or comparison services in search of the best insurance. You find it, examine its features, make your decision and buy, often in a linear process that takes minutes and can be done from home or work.

This opportunity for the customer becomes another one for the company, since the purchasing process is shortened. Information has never been so closely linked to the signature, the digital user becomes a customer seamlessly, reducing the risk involved in the time from decision to signature. But this process is not only applicable to the signing of policies but also to the management of daily and sector-specific procedures such as the acceptance of personalized offers or premiums, extension of complementary products, renewal and cancellation of policies or activation of SEPA mandates, among others.

2. Types of electronic signatures

Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS regulation) is the European regulation that regulates the types of electronic signatures that allow a contract to be concluded remotely as if both parties were sharing a table and would sign a handwritten signature. The European legislator establishes three modalities:

  • Simple signature: electronic data provided by the signatory. It is valid, but in case of litigation it may be insufficient.
  • Advanced signature: it can be uniquely linked to the signatory, it allows the signatory to be identified, the author will control the data provided when signing and offers solutions to detect if subsequent modifications have been made. These conditions are described in Article 26 of eIDAS.
  • Qualified signature: offers the highest level of security. It is carried out with a qualified digital device and certificate that unequivocally links it to a natural or legal person. It is as legally valid in court as a handwritten signature.

3. Benefits of online contracting through electronic signature

E-procurement offers a number of advantages that benefit both the user and the company. Some of them are:

  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Streamlines procedures regardless of the place or device from which they are carried out.
  • Reduce costs and save time.
  • Possibility of finalizing, with legal certainty, attractive user experiences.
  • It prevents errors in signature processes and facilitates their immediate correction if they occur.
  • Increases employee business productivity by reducing time spent on bureaucratic tasks.
  • In the face of similar prices and coverage, it becomes a differential factor between one company and another.

4. The differential role of qualified providers of trust services

Having a qualified and trustworthy service provider such as MailTecK & Customer Comms to carry out your online contracting processes offers, in addition to a legal guarantee, the security of working in accordance with the different sector, national and European regulations.

Thanks to this qualification in certified electronic delivery granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, our clients enjoy the peace of mind of having evidence throughout the communication process that functions as proof with enhanced probative value in the event of a challenge in legal proceedings.

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