Digitization and digital document management facilitates the day-to-day running of your business and that of your employees, customers and suppliers. In addition, it provides you with significant cost savings and security by storing invoices, contracts, statements and other documents in a secure environment, with all the legal guarantees.

Elige ahorro, seguridad y experiencia de usuario con nuestra digitalización documental

The value of document digitalization

What is the main value of a company? The time, experience and skills of your employees. Some studies indicate that each worker takes, on average, 18 minutes to find a non-digitized document. If we multiply this time by the number of times you need one or the other paper during the day, by the number of workers and by the number of working days in a year, the loss of value is significant. This is just one reason to carry out a document digitalization process through an easy access manager for all the company’s personnel. But there is more.

For example, if it takes the employee that long to find the document, a customer will often have to wait the same (or longer) to get proper attention. This impoverishes the user experience and hinders aspects such as loyalty or cross-selling, which has an impact on the annual accounts of any company.

Also space. The price per square meter of office space for rent in Madrid, for example, is 414 euros per year. Digitizing documents becomes a quick win in terms of cost containment. There is a further statistic that 70% of companies would not survive a catastrophic loss of documentation (due to fire or flood) for 3 weeks. You don’t have to go that far, but it’s clear that documents digitized in the cloud are more secure.

Benefits of our document digitalization service

Our document digitalization service offers great benefits for companies that decide to outsource their document management processes:

  • We integrate document digitalization within a multichannel communications management process, both in the entry of information and once the delivery has been managed.
  • It offers considerable cost savings related to printing, maintenance and space optimization for the company that hires our services.
  • It facilitates the access and search of information through a simple web browser SaaS (Software As a Service) that will allow the user to consult the documentation online and immediately.
  • It reduces the possibility of loss and deterioration of documentation that may exist in a manual management. In addition, it allows consultation and custody through repositories (via API, webservice and sFTP) in a secure environment.

How is the digitization and document management process carried out?

Although the steps may vary depending on the service and provider, they can be summarized, in general, as follows:


In case the information comes in paper format, we will collect and prepare the documentation, which includes:

  • Pick it up from a post office or post office box.
  • Remove staples and other matching elements.
  • Unpack and remove from file cabinets.
  • Make documents ready to be scanned with state-of-the-art equipment.

For information that arrives via e-mail, we will download the body of the e-mail and attachments for processing.


We will use RPA, OCR/ICR recognition technologies and artificial intelligence for the recognition of text, formats, images, barcodes and any other metadata that needs to be processed.


Recording, verification and validation of data according to database protocols.


Export to standard formats and upload to Commstore, our multi-format document repository in the cloud, which offers a number of important advantages to users.

MailTeck & Customer Comms’ document scanning service covers the entire document lifecycle. Thanks to our experience and our technology, any company can move forward in the digital transition of communication with its customers in a secure environment.

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