consentimiento expreso RGPD

How do you relate to your customers? Do you send them communications using the contact information you collected without their express consent? In less than a year, everything will change. It’s not something we think,
it’s what European Regulation 679/2106
(General Data Protection Regulation GDPR), in force since May 2016 and mandatory as of May 2018.

The key is that from that moment you will need explicit consent for the processing of personal data of each of your customers. Silence, pre-selected checkboxes or the user not having said otherwise will not be enough: he must have given his express consent and your company must file it, with full legal guarantee, to use it in a possible litigation.

We help you comply with regulations in record time. In a simple way, thanks to the implementation of an automated process, you will be able to obtain the express consent of your customers with full legal validity.

It is really simple, we can take advantage of any communication with your customer so that, by means of a simple check, you can get their approval. For example, when the insurer sends the insured the Welcome Pack Digital requesting the signature of the contract, we take advantage of this sending to include a document with a checkbox that the client will have to activate if he/she authorizes the use of his/her personal data.

Once the authorization is obtained, we certify the document and keep it in custody with full legal validity, thanks to our certification as an official trusted service provider.

At MailTecK & Customer Comms, we offer you the best omnichannel solution that optimizes obtaining the consent of your customers, through different campaigns launched through both physical and electronic channels, to ensure their effectiveness. In addition, we redesign it to your needs to achieve an individualized management of your customer’s customer journey. All you have to do is set the date, when do we start?