¿Por qué tu empresa debería utilizar nuestra plataforma CCM en la nube (SaaS)?

1. What do we mean by SaaS(Software as a Service)?

In recent years we have seen more and more technology companies marketing their solutions as SaaS . We could mention several examples and Google is the first that comes to mind. In the field of business management, Salesforce is also a good success story. Just as the way we consume has changed, with the rise of e-commerce and increasing digitalization, so has the way in which companies procure their software.

When we talk about software as a service, we refer to a model in which the customer accesses a specific solution through a subscription, in a totally centralized way. In this way, the data and applications are located on the software provider’s servers and not on the customer’s device, and the latter would access them via the Internet. As the applications do not reside on the servers of the company that contracts the services, the company would not have to take care of the software maintenance and support tasks.

SaaS has positioned itself in business organizations as the software consumption model par excellence, experiencing significant growth in the last ten years. The reason for this surge in the purchase of software as a service is very simple: companies save on all the costs involved in contracting, installing and maintaining applications.

2. What are we talking about when we refer to an MCC?

Gartner, a benchmark in IT consulting, answers this question for us. “CCM is the strategy designed to improve the process of creating, sending, storing and retrieving outbound communications , including marketing, notifications, invoices, payment requests or product presentations, among others. These interactions can be performed through a wide range of channels and devices. CCM solutions provide companies with applications that comprehensively optimize communications with distributors, partners, customers and regulators. And they do so while meeting the planned objectives.”

Our CustomerCommunications Management(CCM) solution allows you to manage personalized multichannel communications with employees and suppliers, in an agile and efficient way, from a single platform.

Among its most relevant advantages we can highlight the automation of the process and the personalization of both the message and the channels preferred by customers, functionalities that favor the fluidity and coherence of the communication process. In addition, it is worth noting its easy integration with other
integration with other solutions such as Data Quality
for the management of deliveries, rejections and returns, actions that allow the company’s database to be purified and enriched. The quality of the data directly affects the results as it allows the reduction of operating costs.

The implementation of the CCM will represent an evolution in the digitization of multichannel communications. Its use as SaaS, and based on a communications strategy with a unified approach, contributes significantly to improving the customer experience offered by each company. This, in itself, is an interesting competitive advantage. Considering a reality where every customer contact matters, the convergence between Customer Experience Management (CXM) and CCM is key to a consistent customer experience regardless of channel or device.

3. Quadient, our partner in CCM technology

Our trusted technologypartner
is recognized by Gartner and Forrester as one of the most reputable customer communications management solution providers in the market.

From the MailComms group we offer the
Quadient suite
to our customers as a perfect combination of our expertise in omnichannel communications and Quadient’ s specialization in customer experience management solutions.

Working with Quadient’s platform enables our clients to have the ability to securely design, manage and deliver personalized communications through fully configurable and intuitive online environments. Everything is done from an easy-to-use platform that streamlines workflows and reduces dependency on the IT department.


4. Quadient Inspire Evolve

Quadient’s customer experience management solutions include Inspire Evolve as a high-performance SaaS platform for multichannel communications delivery .

This tool offers four main services:content design,reception,generation andstorage . And it does so with total guarantee of security, regulatory compliance, with features that empower marketing and communication teams.

And, like any SaaS solution, mobility, integration and scalability are other advantages of Quadient Inspire Evolve. These play a relevant role in the design of an ad hoc solution for any company, which can grow as the company grows or adapt to any specific need, in an agile way and without requiring large investments.

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