What do a mortgage, a complex insurance policy or a business-to-business sales contract with several representatives have in common? These are complex agreements that require advice, and the generation of trust has an important specific weight, especially when the signing is done remotely. This is what our Virtual Signature Lounge solution allows: to provide an innovative experience from multiple locations, increase conversion rates and, in addition, offer your company a powerful loyalty argument.

Sala Virtual de Firma: como incorporar el toque humano en la contratación a través de videoconferencias seguras

Virtual Signature Room, an application offered by our partner OneSpan, is a hybrid space for the signing of complex agreements through secure guided videoconferencing. This last concept is key. Our tool brings to your company all the advantages of digital and combines them with exclusive features that facilitate the proximity with the signatories. And always from the same platform in real time (with the same fluidity as an in-office signature) and in a completely secure and private manner. This solution has the capacity to collect and store evidence, with full legal guarantee.

But how do you sign a contract through this application? The process is designed with the highest safety standards combined with a high level of usability for all involved. And it boils down to these steps:


The professional who convenes the signing invites the people who will be at the signing and incorporates the documents to be initialed or chooses from the predesigned templates.


Participant access

Participants access the session through a secure login that is sent to them by e-mail.


The identity of the signatories is verified through the different methods contemplated in the platform: e-mail, SMS OTP, Q&A, official identification, biometrics.



The organizer explains to the signatories the documents and how the process will unfold. The human factor reaches its maximum relevance here.


The signatories add their initials and initial the documents. They then download it in electronic format, with full legal validity.


The main features of the Virtual Signature Room include the following:

  • Reliable identification of the intervening parties.
  • Total interaction with the parties.
  • Real-time advice.
  • Live review and modification of agreements, when necessary.
  • Full legal signature of documents and secure download.
  • Obtaining and safekeeping of evidence generated during the process.

If you are interested and want to know how it works, you can access here the recording of the webinar that took place last May

Sala Virtual de Firma: como incorporar el toque humano en la contratación a través de videoconferencias seguras

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