Attendees at the session on our Virtual Signature Room solution, which took place on May 10, learned about the features of this platform that integrates in a secure videoconferencing session, the ability to authenticate customers remotely, offer advice and sign contracts obtaining evidence of the entire process.

Thanks to the success of the event, the event was enriched with the presence of professionals from different sectors concerned with offering the best experience to their clients in complex contracting processes. And this is precisely one of the main values of our solution. In this post we tell you how the session went and leave you a video so you can relive it, if you wish.

The one-hour tour of the platform and its benefits was conducted by Teresa Arandilla, Commercial Director of Customer Comms’ Legal Communications Area, Freddy Simoes, Senior Account Executive – Iberia and Rafael Chang, Solution Engineer – EMEA (both from OneSpan).

Teresa welcomed the attendees, moderated the space and introduced Sala Virtual Room to the attendees. In addition, it integrated it into our ecosystem of applications for reliable legal communications that, as a whole, allows Customer Comms to be the “digital notary” for its customers.

For its part, Freddy and Rafael, who are part of the team of our partner OneSpan Sign, They went in depth on the features of this platform and conducted a live demo with which we were able to experience the simplicity and high level of security involved in the authentication, negotiation and contract signing process.

Participants learned during the event that Virtual Signature Room offers a number of advantages that overcome the problems of paper-based processes, such as high cost, human error and delays. On the other hand, it optimizes the user experience, reduces travel time, eliminates friction in the verification of identity and authentication of signatories and, above all, incorporates the human factor to the benefits of digital.

Virtual Signature Room
your company’s professionals accompany the client in a secure videoconference in which the documents to be signed are launched and the whole process is carried out in real time. This includes the option for interveners to receive counseling.

In summary, the main benefits provided by this OneSpan platform and described during the session are:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Compliance with respect to eIDAS and other regulations.
  • Fraud reduction
  • High conversion rates
  • Strong legal evidence with audit trails and anti-manipulation controls.
  • Agility, effectiveness and a look and feel with your brand always present.
  • All-in-one, highly intuitive technological solution.

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