To achieve this, we are going to collaborate with one of the most renowned NGOs, Save the Children, and also count on the complicity of our customers. As in recent years, we have sent them an email to explain our choice to dedicate our Christmas gift budget to the "A tu lado" program, developed by the NGO.

Each of our customers will only have to click on a button to request that we at MailTecK & Customer Comms donate for them.

#quenadiequedeatrás Save the children

With “A tu lado”, Save the Children seeks to improve the living conditions of those who are children living in Spain in families below the poverty line. The situation of these vulnerable children has worsened due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the measures to alleviate contagion and the problems it is causing for the country’s economy. And Save the Children has identified several areas to work on:

  • Education: the digital divide and the sometimes difficult access to devices such as computers and tablets (40.8% of the families in the program do not have any of them) has deepened the inequality of opportunities in education during confinement, which directly influences their future.
  • Child violence: measures of confinement in the home led to an increase in cases of child violence. During this time, the victims and the aggressors had to live together and the subsequent economic crisis worsened the situation.
  • Helpline Contigo: this is a telephone and chat helpline to provide psychological and emotional support to children included in the program. If the child chooses, it is conducted confidentially and anonymously.
  • Fight against poverty: 1 in 3 children live below the poverty line and the economic crisis generated by the pandemic is expected to worsen this situation. This is a generic objective in which we work with boys and girls and also in the family as a whole.

What we are doing is, once again, dedicating the budget that years ago we would have spent on Christmas gifts to investing in welfare. This year we have been very close to the companies that work with us and are struggling with the pandemic, and we have set out to help, to the best of our ability, the people who need it most. To this end, we have decided to join the Save the Children campaign, as on other occasions we have joined forces with Aldeas Infantiles, Unicef, Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross,” says Javier Echebarria, CEO of MailTecK and Custommer Comms.

If you want to personally collaborate with Save the Children’s “A tu lado” program, you can make your personal contribution here.