The management of informed consent in the healthcare sector, as well as other documents and processes, has two important allies in electronic signatures and digital transformation. The benefits are numerous, but can be grouped into simplicity of management, efficiency and cost savings, security and improved user experience. We develop it for you here.

La firma electrónica y el consentimiento informado, aliados naturales en el sector salud

Law 41/2002 of November 14, 2002 brought with it an important reinforcement of the right to patient autonomy. This right is especially reflected in the figure of informed consent, which summarizes the process by which the physician informs the patient about the treatment indicated for his ailment, and does so in writing in cases such as:

  • Surgeries
  • Treatments with a certain level of risk
  • Invasive diagnostic tests.


The patient has to accept the treatment and sign the document to go ahead. It must do so, according to the regulation, on a voluntary and informed basis and it must be explicitly stated that it has included the medical benefit. The professionals involved must also sign the document, a copy of which will be given to the patient or his or her legal representative in the cases provided for. It may happen, as the regulations anticipate, that the patient does not want to be informed. This must also be stated in the final document.


As you can see, this is a complex management process involving highly sensitive information, which requires maximum risk minimization. And since the publication of the law until today what has happened, fundamentally, is that there are or we have created some tools that greatly facilitate their processing and safekeeping.with all the nuances they contain and the security required by the General Data Protection Regulation (and we are talking about very sensitive data in this case).


At Customer Comms we offer you a fully digital 360º ecosystem of solutions for the treatment of these written informed consents, with our experience in digital transformation and our specialization in data protection as starting points.


Thanks to our platform
platform, we implement an advanced electronic signature solution that scrupulously complies with all legal requirements and ensures validity in the event of a possible lawsuit. In addition, their role is also essential in simplifying the process, going from paper to digital and gaining efficiency, cost and management savings and offering an improved customer experience.


And of course, our service also includes the digital custody of the document and all the proofs and time stamps necessary to certify its validity. This storage is carried out for at least five years.

If you want us to help you manage the process of obtaining informed consent through electronic signature and tell us your needs and we will contact you.


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