A few days ago we told you, with all the excitement, about the incorporation of Manuel Lopez Paya to MailComms Group as CEO of Unified Comms, our boutique company for the Salesforce practice. And now we announce that another Salesforce expert, Raul Cobles Montes, joins us as Chief Operating Office of the company. Welcome, Raul!

Raul Cobles MailComms

He will lead Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform integrations.

As COO, Raul will lead
the activities of Unified Comms
activities around Salesforce and the custom integration of Einstein 1 Platform, its clouds and products, across different customers. He will also participate in the development of strategies and commercial approaches around the latest technology trends. In addition, the Operations Manager will closely follow the development of the projects to achieve their objectives with the best quality, on time and with high levels of customer and employee satisfaction.


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15 years of experience as IT & Salesforce Manager

Raul will contribute to Unified Comms more than 15 years of experience as IT & Salesforce Managera background in which he has implemented numerous projects on the Salesforce.com platform such as responsible for Operations. In addition, as technology advisor, has specialized in the alignment of platforms with the strategic objectives of clients and CxO of the digital vision of the companies with which he has collaborated. During these years, Raul has worked mainly in the telecommunications, energy, finance, insurance and defense sectors, in this case in Spain, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

“I am very pleased to join a leading Group in terms of technology applied to customers and end users. And I am especially excited to embark on the Unified Comms project from the very beginning, with a boutique philosophy, proximity and personalization, with which I feel very identified”.

certificatesThe new COO holds a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and is certified in ISTQB and Salesforce. He is also an official instructor for Salesforce’s Trailhead Academy and has served as an MBA professor at business schools in subjects related to marketing and digital transformation.