In this post you will learn about the great benefits of working with a partner that is part of the list of FACe electronic invoicing service providers (general point of entry of invoices of the General State Administration), as well as the advantages offered by our e-Invoicing solution to carry out transactions with the Administration.

The Crea y Crece Law (whose draft law was approved on November 30) will oblige companies and self-employed individuals to exchange invoices only electronically. But if you manage a company that carries out projects for the General State Administration, you will know that this has been the case for years when it comes to invoicing the State.

At MailTecK & Customer Comms we can be your technological partner to manage, in an integral way, your electronic invoicing processes with all the subjects, including the General State Administration. This is thanks to the combination of our e-Invoicing solution (developed in-house), our accreditations related to information security and privacy (ISO 27001 and 27701) and, in the case of transactions with the State and its agencies, our participation in FACe’s list of electronic invoicing service providers. E-invoicing also benefits from our status as a Trusted Electronic Service Provider qualified in qualified electronic delivery, which certifies the legal validity of the processes.


But what is FACe?

FACe is the general point of entry for invoices of the General State Administration. That is to say, the entry channel for electronic invoices to be received by those public administration bodies assigned to this organization. A company that wants to work with FACe will have to have a system capable of connecting and sending electronic invoices, in an automated way, through the portal. You must also have a valid electronic certificate and, in addition, register it.

Then comes a further step, a consequence of the above: a condition for working with FACe is “having submitted invoices through this interface”. All this in Customer Comms we are part of the list of companies of electronic invoicing services. You can consult the list here and find us on it.

How does working with a FACe e-invoicing service provider benefit you?

Our integration with FACe and our e-Invoicing solution offer a number of advantages that directly benefit our customers. Some of them are:

  • Invoice generation in electronic format and own or delegated digital signature.
  • Integration and automation of invoice sending with FACe.
  • Certified digital custody in our own secure document repository for 5 years.
  • Transparency and control in transactions with public administrations.
  • Greater agility in responding to possible requests for information.
  • Simplification of collections and payments, with more accurate and automated processes.

Main features of e-Invoice for B2G

The benefits of e-Invoicing for B2G, i.e. for electronic invoicing to the General State Administration, are achieved thanks to features such as:

  • Proprietary and scalable development with agile implementation and integration with customer systems.
  • High-availability infrastructure hosted in CPD-cloud, with maximum security guarantees.
  • Generation and massive signature from the customer’s data file.
  • Electronic invoice format 3.2.1 or higher.
  • Xades EPES signature compatible with the Tax Agency.
  • Signature by means of own certificate or delegated signature.
  • Schema, accounting and signature validations, prior to uploading to the FACe portal.
  • Generation and submission of a FACe upload log that links the registration ID to the invoice.
  • Possibility of incorporating the PDF invoice as an attachment to the electronic invoice file for more efficient and faster validation by the recipient organization.

If you regularly invoice the General State Administration and its agencies or if you are looking for a comprehensive application to manage your electronic invoicing processes with several subjects, including the State, talk to us.

We will analyze your case and tell you how our e-Invoice solution can help you move towards digitalization.


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