Customer Comms has identified Portugal as one of its strategic markets. Following a series of successful experiences in the Portuguese market during 2021, the company has drawn up a roadmap to develop a complete line of activity in the country.

Nuestra expansión internacional nos lleva a Portugal

Digital disruption, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, intensified demand for our services in other geographies. The dynamism of the Portuguese market, as well as the common European legal framework, make this a natural progression of the company’s commercial expansion.

In an environment marked by the recent implementation of the European GDPR and eIDAS regulationsour intention is to accompany the Portuguese companies in their digital transformation through certified, transactional and marketing communications, with special attention to regulatory compliance and obtaining express consents.

“Although our area of expertise is the insurance sector, we aspire to work with companies in all sectors that need to communicate face-to-face with their customers, through any channel, digital or print, and device,” explains José Clara, Country Manager for Portugal. “We have proprietary communication technologies that allow us to create, personalize and accelerate interactions at all stages of the customer communication cycle,” explains the manager.

The challenges of digital transformation

With our presence in Portugal, we will support companies in your market in creating engaging, innovative and consistent user experiences, regardless of the channel or device chosen by the recipient of the communications.

The implementation of the European regulation on identification and trust services (eIDAS) and on personal data protection (GDPR) opens up new expectations in the Portuguese market. This fact is added to the challenges of digitalization, demanded by customers who seek immediacy, personalization and to solve their procedures remotely.

Customer Comms’ solutions, based on the philosophy of security by design, will enable Portuguese companies to move towards a new communication with their customers, always in accordance with the legislation in force and with the confidence of working, from the design stage on, with a supplier with the highest safety standards (ISO 27001) and privacy (ISO 27701) of systems (HW+SW) and data.

Our experience and our integration capabilities will also allow us to face this process with agility, adapting at all times to the particular needs of each company or project.