The new situation produced by the coronavirus pandemic and the confinement measures have accelerated the need to digitize the electronic signature processes of companies in communications and transactions with customers, suppliers and employees.

“The problem is that the introduction of e-signatures in companies generally means integrating with procurement processes and thus opening up internal projects with the involvement of IT departments. They require several months to implement and companies can’t wait. They need it now,” reflects Javier Echebarría, CEO of MailTecK & Customer Comms Group.”

Firma Electrónica Express

We propose an electronic signature solution without integrations that can be launched individually for each transaction from a personal computer of any professional working in the Operations, Purchasing or HR departments. Also that it can be carried out in batches of signature transactions with the periodicity to be established.

For this purpose, MailTecK & CustomerComms has an Express Electronic Signature. Immediate, simple and without integration with IT systems and with a quick start-up.

Within this solution we offer you two variants that allow you to launch signature processes in a few weeks or even days. Professional License and Signature in Campaigns, that’s what they are called, facilitate the implementation of electronic signature processes in companies, without the need to carry out long and sometimes difficult systems integrations and with all legal guaranteesThey comply with the specifications set out in the 910/2014 eIDAS regulation, incorporate advanced technology of process auditThis significantly reduces the risk of possible legal disputes, and they have the guarantee that comes from the fact that we are trusted third parties.

Both modalities are based on the OneSpan Sign platform and share fluidity, security and high levels of user experience.

Professional License

Through a cloud-based web application that you access from your computer, it offers great agility and flexibility to prepare documents and invite users to sign them quickly, with features such as drag-and-drop. With an annual license fee, any company professional can launch a document for electronic signature in a matter of minutes . The application has multi-language support and is localized in data centers in the European Union.

“This solution also works with such widespread platforms and tools as Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Pega Systems and Box, to name just a few, to which third-party applications must be added. Its versatility is also demonstrated in terms of device range. With Professional License you can prepare, send and electronically sign documents from your iOS and Android mobile application, and do so, always, with a very low cost-transaction ratio,” says David Griñán, commercial director of Customer Comms.

Signature in Campaigns

It is the right choice for customers looking for simple, automated signature processes with a periodic recurrence, e.g. daily, weekly or monthly. In this case, too, no investment in integration is necessary. David Griñán explains the simple management process: “It all starts with the database that the company deposits together with the PDFs to be sent in a secure FTP. This is followed by the scheduled launch, whereby each customer will receive an email from which they access the signature platform. There, the user will visualize the PDF, with the look & feel of the sending company, to sign it electronically with a simple click on a button located on the document itself.” The same tool collects and stores all the evidence necessary to demonstrate the traceability of the signatureThe evidence of which is in his custody together with the resulting documents.

Whether your company wants to launch individualized signature processes or needs a simple process to send signature “campaigns” to a group of signatories, our Express e-Signature solution with its two modes can help you.

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