Covid-19 has made the digital transformation of the healthcare sector a necessity for the management of everyday procedures. This offers great benefits in terms of efficiency and security of the digital process versus paper, optimizing the customer experience.

Transformación digital en el sector de la salud

A real digital transformation process applied to any company in the healthcare sector involves optimized experiences for patients, doctors, hospital staff and the organizations themselves. And this leap towards the digital comes from the hand of the electronic signature, optimal in the management of informed consents but also in other day-to-day management complicated, let’s not forget, by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Some of these benefits can be summarized in four main blocks:

Gestión de documentos

Document management

Informed consents, employee contracts, patient authorizations, supplier agreements… All of them digitally signed in a fast, secure and traceable way.

User experience

User experience

Multi-device and omnichannel consistency in a telemedicine environment that includes a multitude of data and a need for clarification and easy understanding. This means more time for physicians and more confidence in patients.



Cost savings, speed and error minimization through the introduction of safe and reliable automated processes.



The electronic signature is developed in an encrypted and confidential environment, which subjects the exchange and storage of sensitive data with total confidence for all parties.

Infografía Proceso en papel vs transformación digital

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