"Omnichannel communications at all stages of the customer lifecycle" means an exponential number of interactions. And when they occur in a hyper-regulated sector such as insurance, working with a partner that guarantees regulatory compliance is essential. One of the keys to achieving this, and to preventing difficulties, is certification.

At MailComms Group we have been helping companies communicate with their customers for 3 decades. During this time we have focused on certain sectors, and insurance is perhaps the one in which we have positioned ourselves the strongest. How can this be measured? It could be by projects launched, by turnover, by number of clients… Or it could be established on the basis of the criterion we like the most: the degree of expertise we have achieved (and we continue, this is a long-distance race). For us, specialization means, among other things, offering powerful services that adapt to the reality of our clients’ processes, knowing perfectly the regulations that affect them and designing technology that provides functionality and legal peace of mind to companies. Today we would like to talk to you about certified communications in the insurance world.

In a society as intensely digitalized as the one we live in, but with a not inconsiderable percentage of people who do not feel at ease in the electronic world, omni-channeling is the key to generating efficient points of contact with users in general and policyholders in particular. In other words, there is no better way to manage the conversation with customers, employees and suppliers than through a 360º strategy that integrates all channels (physical and digital) and all devices at any stage of the recipient’s life cycle.

A universe of communications to certify

Given this reality, the typology of interactions is not infinite, but it is enormously high. And to add complexity, regulations are evolving more and more towards user protection. Two clear cross-cutting examples are the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS) concerning electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, which will soon evolve with the arrival of eIDAS 2 . In addition to these two, the insurance sector is also subject to other specific regulations such as the IDD directive, Law 50/1980 on Insurance Contracts or Law 22/2007 on distance marketing of financial services, to name but a few.

A key point to ensure compliance in this tangle of legislation and customer communications is the secure and reliable certification of these communications. At MailComms Group we believe in the maxim “the customer at the center, always informed”. This “always” can be broken down into the phases of its life cycle. And in each of the stages there are specific communications in which concepts such as: consent, advertising, suitability test, suitability test, contracts, policies, welcome pack, invoices, IPID / IDD documents, parts, notifications, debt management, loyalty, renewal… There are many and we have not named them all. But all of them have one thing in common: they must comply with all current regulations and, therefore, companies must be able to prove, sometimes even in court, that they have respected all that the different legislations establish in their relationship with their users.

Ecosystem of applications for regulatory compliance

One of the main strengths of our ecosystem of applications, designed under the compliance-by-design philosophy, is their ability to certify all interactions required by regulations or advised by case law and experience. Our tools collect evidence related to the identity of the recipient or the sending company, the content sent, time stamps, receipt, signature… And they keep these evidences for at least 5 years in secured environments. This translates into legal reliability. In addition, its probative value is enhanced by our status as a qualified provider of trusted electronic services, as accredited by the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Public Function.

This cocktail offers companies an opportunity to comprehensive and compliant management of communications with customers, employees and suppliers (even before they became so), without forgetting aspects that are also necessary nowadays, such as customer experience, information security and privacy, efficiency and cost savings, among other aspects. Through our applications we accompany you in moments such as:

  • Discovery phase: obtaining GDPR consents and their management, planning, advice, quotation, follow-up…
  • Consideration and purchase: Contracting, follow-up until signature, supplements…
  • Retention and recommendation: claims, receipts, cancellation…

And with them we move forward with you in the entire insurance framework that includes communications(offline and online) marketing, transactional and legal, omnichannel, with associated document services and, as we have already said, always in compliance with the regulations applicable to the sector.

We are also specialists in personalization. And this includes communications to customers, suppliers and employees. Do you want to know how to set up a universe of certified communications between your company and its users? If you are interested, leave us your details in the form below. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your needs.