We tell you the most interesting conclusions that were shared at the Telco & Utilities forum and you can watch the video of the session. We developed the conversation, hand in hand with our partner Covline, with Miriam Castillo, from Nexus Energía and Oscar Barrero, partner responsible for the energy and utilities sector for the consulting division of PWC.

Comunicaciones fehacientes en casos de impago: puedes ver el vídeo de nuestra participación en el Congreso Nacional de Crédito Comunicaciones fehacientes en casos de impago: puedes ver el vídeo de nuestra participación en el Congreso Nacional de Crédito

On November 17, we participated in the Telco & Utilities forum of the National Credit Congress to offer our technological and compliance perspective in cases of suspension of supply due to non-payment in the energy sector.

We did it with Miriam Castillo, Credit & Collections Manager of Nexus Energía, an energy company based on the commercialization of electricity and natural gas. In addition, we had the participation of Ricardo Orosa, partner of our partner Covline, company that integrates our postal and electronic bureaufax in its solution Covline – Eloficash. As moderator, Oscar Barrero, Partner in charge of the energy and utilities sector for PWC’s consulting division, and finally, our colleague Iñaki Gómez-Echevarría, Sales Director of MailTecK & Customer Comms.

Below you will find a chronicle summarizing the main conclusions that were shared during the talk. But you can see it in its entirety in this video that shows the whole session.

The subject of the round table, supply suspensions due to non-payment, is a major issue for companies in the energy sector. In a complex context, where more and more families and companies are finding it difficult to pay their bills, these procedures require efficient and well-governed processes to avoid supply cuts, especially in situations of special vulnerability, and to ensure compliance with regulations in the event that this cannot be avoided. Technology plays a very important role here.

Miriam explained that, for Nexus, the keys to efficient collection operations are to have the right tools, “for which we have partners such as Covline and MailTecK & Customer Comms, among others”. With Elofixash, Covline’s software, in its processes and the integration of MailTecK’s developments for warning communications and outage control, Nexus has optimized its collection data. And the power of our solutions has also allowed you to establish different strategies to respond to claims according to customer type.

Afterwards, the answers of the representative of Quiroga & Asociados, who was unable to attend, were read, in which he reviewed the most relevant legal aspects in the management of non-payments. The lawyer pointed out the differences between what was established in the regulation and the new obligations for clients with special protection. In these cases, the deadlines and the legal reliability of the communications of notice, payment request and supply cut-off are crucial. Failure to comply with the regulations, he warned, or the inability to prove their implementation, can lead to very serious penalties with fines of up to 60 million euros.

One of the main steps in reliable communications is notification. In physical channels, Gonzalo clarified that notification is understood as delivery and signature by the addressee. This is usually done by means of a burofax. For this to happen in electronic channels, it is essential that the delivery is made to a cell phone or email reflected in the contract and that it is made through a means that integrates electronic signature and delivery certification.

At this point, Iñaki Gómez-Echevarría explained that MailTeck & Customer Comms’ solutions for reliable communications, such as the postal or electronic burofax integrated into Covline – EloficashOur services are reinforced by our recognition as a qualified provider of electronic trust services in the form of certified electronic delivery, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.

These tools also ensure the collection and custody of all evidence, shipping and content certifications and time stamps as required by law. All this provides a presumption of veracity of communications in court. These applications also offer great possibilities for the personalization of communications and the design of a seamless customer journey. These are two features desired by companies like Nexus to handle recovery cases on an individualized basis and achieve high conversion rates.

Customer Comms’ solutions to launch reliable communications also cover other processes and objectives in sectors other than energy. If you want to know how they can make your company’s day-to-day business easier, with guaranteed regulatory compliance, just fill in the form below and tell us about your case.

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