The local administration awarded us the contract mainly because of the qualitative aspects of our proposal, summarized in concepts such as quality, continuity, security, privacy, sustainability and our state-of-the-art equipment.

MailTecK seleccionado por Ayuntamiento de Madrid

The Organismo Autónomo de Informática del Ayuntamiento de Madrid has awarded us an important public contract, specifically the “Servicio de impresión y ensobrado de comunicaciones y notificaciones para el Ayuntamiento de Madrid”, for a period of three years. This fact in itself is already satisfactory, of course.

But what we really find interesting is that one of the largest local administrations in Spain has chosen our proposal from among five top-level candidates, including Correos. And it has done so mainly for qualitative reasons. That is to say, for the quality of the service we offer, an aspect that we have also been able to integrate with a competitive price.

Digitalization without forgetting the printing channel

LetterThe level of digitalization that the relationship between the local administration and the city’s inhabitants has reached is high, but sometimes it is necessary to resort to the physical channel to send some notifications. This is in line with our omnichannel phygital philosophy, which is often also an ally for digital inclusion.

What the City Council was looking for was a provider to manage part of its postal notifications to citizens, in an end-to-end modality. including the receipt and secure management of data (both the notifications themselves and the details of the addressees), layout, printing, enveloping and postal sorting of the documents.

Modern and sustainable equipment

Until now, the management of these operations was carried out in an internal production center (CIE) of the City Council itself and an external one. But the IAM (Autonomous Informatics Agency), is aware of the proximity of the end of the useful life of the CIE equipment and, in addition, has analyzed the positive aspects that would emanate from:

  • Improve the availability of infrastructure and systems associated with the emission.
  • Technological evolution of the infrastructures and systems that support the service.

For all these reasons, it has opted to outsource the service in order to offer the best possible service to the citizens and guarantee its continuity, among other issues.

Safety, quality, cost and response time

The Madrid City Council has chosen MailTecK to provide the service through our modern production plant located in Leganés (Madrid). And in the bidding process it has taken into account issues such as:

  • Improvements in response times and sending of notifications.
  • The technological vanguard and the versatility of our equipment.
  • Our quality management: few incidents occur and those that do occur are solved quickly.
  • The high standards of security and privacy of information, which are based on our ISO 27001 and ISO 277012 certifications
    ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications, respectively.
    certifications, respectively.

  • Our business continuity management,
    as demonstrated by the ISO 22301 certification we obtained in 2023.
  • And, very important,
    our environmental strategy
    which makes us a first-rate sustainable supplier, also valuable for public administrations.

News like this reinforces our conviction that we offer a quality, modern service, adapted to the needs of each company and in continuous evolution, both technologically and in terms of user experience. And, as we said at the beginning of this post, we are very pleased that our work is well received by the companies we work with and also by public administrations with a duty of service and excellence towards citizens.

In addition, if you want to know all the details of this award, you can access the Public Sector Procurement Platform to access the information.

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