Administrative correspondence

Your administrative postal correspondence simplified to the maximum



Our solution for the management of postal administrative correspondence in office environments is called PostaMail.

We have designed our postal digitization system to simplify this task as much as possible. This means significant cost savings, reduction of minimally productive tasks, proper talent management of your employees, who will be dedicated to tasks with greater added value and greater control over your activity in which, by the way, errors will be minimized.

You can also choose to send us the documents you need to send, in any format, and the database with the postal addresses. We take care of the whole process.

1. The tool is easily installed on any operating system as if it were a virtual printer.

2. The user uploads the documents he/she wants to send, one by one or in group. The solution performs a preliminary check of the postal addresses.

3. Then, the user chooses between the different sending options: normal letter, registered letter, burofax… and starts the sending process.

4. MailTecK prints the mailings, envelopes them and deposits them at the Post Office on your behalf, always with absolute respect for the look & feel of your company and its quality standards.

5. The user follows the process of sending each letter and receives proof of its content and delivery, when requested. Tests and certificates are kept for 5 years.

PostaMail offers your company the following benefits:

Optimization of work

One user workday of low qualitative value per 100 shipments.

Increased control of shipments

Significantly increases control over shipments and their content.

Shipment optimization

Reduce returns due to incorrect address by 50%.

Protects the environment

Decreases carbon footprint and associated indirect costs.

Digital archive management

Provides a digital archive for consultation and recording of documentation and proof of delivery.

Budget control

Budget control: by shipment and user to optimally allocate resources.


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