Omnichannel is a living process that often feeds itself through the complementarity of channels. The greater the range of ways you have to contact your customers, the more likely you are to have a smooth communication that optimizes your customer's experience.

mobile2email captación de datos

How does feedback occur? There are multiple ways, but what is always necessary is to implement coordinated actions to obtain optimal results. This is what we offer companies with Mobile2Email, a service that combines mobile marketing techniques and gamification to achieve its goal: If you have a person’s mobile number and want to get their email address, we invite you to read on.

Mobile2Email is characterized by its simplicity, speed of implementation, effectiveness and high degree of customization. And all of this plays a key role in the data capture process that you can initiate with this tool. Once you have set it up, four fundamental steps separate you from your contact’s email:


Infografia del proceso de captación de datos con mobile2email

And when the last point has been completed, the action has been translated into three objectives: the data that was sought has been captured, at the same time it has been validated (quality for the database) and all of this has been carried out under the premises set out in the General Data Protection Regulation.


Some advantages of mobile2email

If you have a valid e-mail, you will improve loyalty and retention rates, gain personalization possibilities for your marketing campaigns and reduce costs, for example, compared to mailings or SMS. Oh, and in the specific case of Mobile2Email there is also an interesting and valuable intangible. David Griñan, Sales Director of CustomerComms, points out: “Every person who completes the game you offer has enjoyed a moment of relaxation and has also received an incentive for completing it. Your company has generated sympathy, trust and possibly a smile. And the next time you communicate with him, he’ll remember it.” Part of this memory that is activated in the user comes from the look & feel of the sender’s company, conveniently transferred to Mobile2Email for the action in question.

This type of data acquisition campaign generates a positive customer experience, which translates into a high success rate. In other words, it is one more step in the digital transformation process of any company that wants to manage its communications in a personalized way.

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