With data collected from over 15,500 customers worldwide and 165 insurance company executive surveys, the World Insurance Report 2015 from Capgemini and EFMA analyzes the emergence of situations that have altered the sector together with an alarming decline in positive customer experiences. The report suggests that insurers need to focus more seriously on preparing for the future.

The main conclusions are:

  • Improved policy coefficients. The decrease in the number of natural disasters combined with the review of premium rates led to a fall in claim costs and boosted the earnings of non-life insurers in 2013.
  • The decrease in customer experience driven by Generation Y’s high digital expectations. Less than 30% of customers around the world are enjoying a positive customer experience, which is a decrease of almost 4% compared to 2013. In the past year, customers have begun raising the bar on what they expect from their insurers, especially Generation Y customers, aged from 18 to 34, who have not experienced adult life without technology such as the Internet and smart devices.
  • The need to mix traditional and digital channels to achieve a seamless experience across all channels. Insurers must combine the traditional channel with new digital channels to combine the best of both worlds for customers.
  • The impact of new technologies in the insurance industry. 78% of executives surveyed cited Big Data as a disruptive force that will have a major impact on the insurance industry. At this point, the insurance industry faces a barrage of market disruptors that have the potential to challenge and undermine businesses unless insurers are prepared for them.
  • The need to improve customer focus. Insurers are receiving the lowest score in basic skills related to customer interactions.

Javier Echebarria

World Insurance Report 2015 from Capgemini and EFMA.

Headline: World Insurance Report 2015 from Capgemini and EFMA.

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