Last November 15th we told a case study with Santalucía Seguros during the Insurance Revolution. And we did it with Lucía Cuadrado, Director of Operations at Santalucía Seguros, and Alonso Hurtado, Attorney and Partner of IT&Compliance at ECIJA. In case you were unable to attend, here we tell you all about it.

Estuvimos en el Insurance Revolution y contamos nuestra colaboración con Santalucía Seguros

Almost 350 insurance industry professionals attended the Insurance Revolution meeting organized by iKN Spain on Tuesday, November 15. And we participated actively, with the help of our partner OneSpan, with the presentation of a case study. The title of our speech was: “Legislation vs Customer Experience, managing compliant communication processes optimizing CX”. Teresa Arandilla, our Commercial Director of Legal Communications, and two exceptional colleagues, Lucía Cuadrado, Director of Operations at Santalucía Seguros, and Alonso Hurtado, Attorney and Partner of IT&Compliance at ECIJA, participated in the conversation.

The case we explain arises from a common problem in this and other sectors during the digital transformation processes: the difficulties of companies to collect the signatures of customers, in this case, insured in the policies. As far as Santalucía Seguros was concerned, this, which could pose a problem in the event of a dispute with the insured, needed a solution that would offer a simple experience regardless of the channel they chose to finalize the process of signing their policy. We offered it to you thanks to our technology adapted to the needs of the sector and capable of offering full legal reliability.

As we told during the talk, the company’s objective was to increase its conversion rates through an attractive and multichannel customer experience. He also asked us to get it in a short period of time. And we achieve all this with the design of personalized, multi-channel communication processes with the same branding. The new customer journey would be supported by our solutions, which ensure legal reliability and compliance with industry regulations, but also with the GDPR or the eIDAS regulation. These tools are based on our ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications and our status as a qualified provider of trusted electronic services in the form of certified electronic delivery, as recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

During the dialogue, Alonso Hurtado, from ECIJA, explained to the attendees all the legal aspects that need to be integrated in these communication processes, with special attention to the electronic signature and the digital identification process, a real challenge faced by companies in the sector. From a legal point of view, it is as important to know that the signature obtained is valid as it is to make sure that the signatory is who he/she claims to be. He also highlighted the additional value that a trusted e-service provider brings in this area and identified the legal challenges that companies in the sector will have to overcome in the coming years.

The presentation of the case study was completed with its results. On this point, Lucía emphasized that it was possible to “implement a very agile signature process, which generates confidence in the policyholder” and which has made it possible to increase the conversion rate and automate multi-channel deliveries, which “boosted” the number of signatures with full legal validity. In addition, he valued very positively the capacity offered by Customer Comms when seeking the success of the signing process through the different channels available for each client, maintaining at all times the traceability of the process, in an automated way and with all the legal guarantees in each of the interactions.

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