Once again, MailTecK & Customer Comms would like to share with you the success of our conference on "Transformation of communications and reliable transactions in the insurance sector", which took place on February 16 during Insurance Week 2022.

We are very satisfied with the success of the event and the enriching nature of the meeting, which ended with very concrete and practical questions from the participants. As for the lectures, the experts who accompanied us explained the title of the session from various perspectives. The objective was to explain how trustworthy communications and transactions can lead the operational transformation in the insurance sector.

This type of interaction is able to offer confidence to customers and users in times of uncertainty. They can also deliver engaging user experiences, which translate into loyalty. On the other hand, companies are facing a unique opportunity to ensure their compliance in a complex and changing regulatory context.

We have collected the presentations and the full video of the session on one page for you to review at your leisure.

Javier Echebarría, CEO of MailTecK & Customer Comms, explained the importance of providing legal reliability to communications and transactions through a qualified trusted service provider, which acts as a “digital notary” certifying the process with legal validity.

Alonso Hurtado, Partner IT & Compliance at ECIJA, discussed the role of a qualified trusted service provider in certified electronic delivery, such as MailTecK & Customer Comms, and the benefits for client companies. One of the main ones is that all data sent and received through qualified provider applications have evidentiary value in court, including certification of content, time stamps or delivery, among other aspects. In other words, it is a qualification that provides full confidence and legal guarantee.

Alonso also mentioned the importance of working with compliance by design platforms. This implies a deep knowledge on the part of the supplier of different regulations, technologies, in addition to obtaining the endorsement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation after a rigorous audit.

For her part, Elena Madrid, Director of Operational Intelligence in the Strategic Transformation Area of Mapfre, detailed the digital transformation strategy followed by one of the leading companies in the sector in Spain. He also referred to the role played by certified communications in this process, and the participation of MailTecK & Customer Comms, as a partner, in the implementation of this technology. Elena also shared with the attendees the company’s experience in the implementation of its digitalization 3.0 strategy. He also highlighted the operational, compliance and customer relationship advantages derived from it.

Te contamos lo que ocurrió en la sesión “transformación de las comunicaciones y transacciones fehacientes en el sector asegurador”

To close, Teresa Arandilla and Moisés Fimat explained how Certysign brings together, in a single platform, all the capabilities that had been discussed earlier in the session.

The Commercial Director of Legal Communications spoke about how this self-developed platform allows any organization to take control of its trustworthy multichannel communications and transactions.

This is because CertySign allows the generation, sending, tracing, certification and custody of multichannel communications, developing end-to-end multichannel legal communication processes and providing them with legal reliability. To illustrate the capabilities of the platform, nothing better than to show its applicability in real use cases in the insurance sector. RGPD consents, notifications of renewal notices, premium increase, change of conditions, debt management, portfolio clean-up, signing of conditions, IDD…

Moisés Fimat, Product Owner at Certysign, picked up the baton from his colleague and demonstrated a real multichannel signature capture process for a policy.

The demonstration included an advanced electronic signature involving SMS, email and QR code for the transition from physical to digital. The possibility of launching the digital signature process from different channels (SMS, email, paper) and the automated alternation of channels achieve improvements in the rate at which insurers obtain policy signatures.

He also referred to the recently released native connector that allows all CertySign capabilities to be included in Salesforce. If we take into account the importance and degree of bonding generated by reliable communications and transactions in the relationship with customers, it is especially relevant that they are traceable in Salesforce in order to achieve a true 360-degree view of them. Our connector allows it.

Can we accompany you in the legal compliance of your company, its digital transformation or the improvement of the "customer experience" with users and customers?

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