We have hired Soraya de Caso as the new Manager of the Legal Business Consulting area of the MailComms Group. Soraya has a law degree and is an expert in data protection, information security, electronic signature and public key. He also has a strong background in the insurance and healthcare sectors. He comes with nearly a decade of experience in the areas of data protection, information security, electronic signature and public key. We tell you more in this post.

Soraya de Caso Pérez as Manager of the Business Legal Consulting area will be responsible for the expert advice to our Legal Communications area. His extensive legal knowledge and experience will serve to guarantee our clients the regulatory compliance of processes involving the use of technologies such as: certified notifications, electronic signature, electronic identification, digital identity, onboarding or multichannel consent management, among others. Together with the commercial department, she will work as a legal consultant in these matters, addressing, from a practical perspective, the impact of different regulations such as eIDAS, RGPD, IDD, SEPBLAC, MIFIDII, PSD2,…etc.

Thanks to her background in regulated sectors such as insurance and health, the new Manager will provide an overview and application proposals on the processes and regulatory data processing that we propose to our customers, mainly in the insurance sector. One of its main value contributions will be to participate, from a legal point of view, in the creation of itineraries focused on digitally transforming the communication and transaction processes of companies with customers, employees and suppliers, ensuring regulatory compliance where required.

“I am excited to begin this new stage in my professional career. MailComms Group is a benchmark in everything related to cybersecurity and data processing within omnichannel communications and transactions. For me this step is a challenge, but also an opportunity to contribute my knowledge in an environment where technological innovation, automation and simplification of processes are the keys that facilitate the immediacy and exchange of information between users/customers and the company”, said Soraya.

Soraya de Caso Pérez has worked for more than five years as Legal Counsel and DPO Spain and Portugal at CPP, a company linked to the insurance sector. Previously it was responsible, for two years, for the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and data protection at the Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid. In his career he also has several experiences such as lawyer, among which the one developed in AC Camerfirma stands out, very focused on issues related to electronic signatures and public keys.

Our new recruit has a law degree and specific training in data protection and information security. She has also obtained the necessary qualification to become Lead Auditor in ISO/IEC 27001.

Welcome, Soraya!